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4 Things You Didn’t Know Your Overseas Travel Insurance Could Cover

    Overseas travel insurance - cover

    Travelling abroad is an excitement for many, but it also comes with unforeseen circumstances. That’s where travel insurance steps in, offering a safety net for mishaps and disruptions.

    But beyond the usual medical coverage and trip cancellation, some policies hide surprising benefits you might not know about. Let’s explore 4 unexpected things your overseas travel insurance could cover in this article.

    Rental car excess waiver

    Renting a car abroad can be liberating because you travel freely to wherever you want. Do you know that renting a car overseas usually comes with hefty excess fees in case of damage? Yes, you heard us right. Rental car excess is a pretty standard policy that exists in many places, both locally and internationally. But these charges are typically expensive for foreign tourists.

    Due to this, overseas travel insurance plans would normally offer excess waiver coverage which can protect you from the financial liability for accidental car damage or theft.

    Identity theft protection

    Identity theft is pretty common nowadays. It can happen anywhere, including on vacation. If you’re worried about travelling abroad due to data privacy concerns, look for a flight insurance plan that offers identity theft protection services, as well as monitors your credit card, recovers stolen data, and covers legal expenses if needed.

    It is becoming increasingly common for insurers to include identity theft protection as part of travel insurance due to cyber crimes.

    Emergency dental care

    A sudden toothache on a trip can be a real pain (pun intended!). But do not be surprised to hear that some policies offer coverage for emergency dental procedures abroad, ensuring you get the necessary treatment without breaking the bank.

    Dental care isn’t something many would think of when it comes to medical emergencies offshore and this is definitely a coverage you can count on if the need arises.

    Hi-tech gadget coverage

    Let’s face it, our precious smartphones and laptops are often our travel companions in this digitalised world and it is no surprise to see these in the list of covered items in travel policies.

    Insurance providers extend coverage to these gadgets, protecting you from accidental damage, theft, or even loss. The compensation is often given as a separate amount, such as smartphones and laptops under personal effects and belongings.

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