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Police Chase Two Drivers To Their House For Cutting Queue

    Cutting traffic queues is a traffic offence

    Two drivers who thought they could get away with cutting queue were chased by police to their house!

    The two drivers jumped the line at kilometre 31.8 Jalan Klang, Teluk Intan at a junction near a traffic light in Jeram. The incident happened on December 6 at about 6.19 pm. A driver who witnessed the incident took and uploaded pictures of the two cars in a viral post on Facebook.

    As reported by Sinar Harian, a police team tracked down the two drivers at their respective houses after identifying their vehicle registration number. Both drivers pleaded guilty and were subsequently charged.

    As we do not want you to face the same consequence, we share in this article information on the offence: cutting queue on the road.

    RM300 summons awaits drivers who cut queues

    For your information, cutting queues on the road is one of the seven major offences contributing to road accidents.

    Following Rule 6(1)A LN166/59 (Overtaking another vehicle in a dangerous manner/Cutting queues), drivers who are guilty of cutting queues can be charged a mandatory summons of RM300 immediately.

    RM300 summons awaits drivers who cut queues

    Plan your journey to avoid traffic jams

    Just like you, other drivers would also want to reach their destination quickly. However, this is not an excuse for you to jump the line.

    To beat the rush hour, we would advise you to plan your journey. The following are some travel planning tips to avoid traffic jams:

    Monitor traffic online

    Before hitting the road, we recommend that you monitor the traffic situation online. For example, you can follow @LLMinfotrafik Twitter account to get the latest traffic info for all toll highways in Malaysia.

    Based on the latest info including traffic congestion, accidents or maintenance work on the highway, you can use an alternative route or start your journey when the traffic subsides or after the maintenance work is completed.

    Monitor traffic online

    Use Google Maps or Waze

    Additionally, you can simply enter your destination in the Google Maps or Waze application. The apps will show you if there is any road congestion. Best of all, the apps will recommend less congested routes, thus speeding up your journey.

    In addition, in the event of an accident, the apps will also update their information and suggest shortcuts or alternative routes to you.

    It may be near-impossible to get through the road without jams during peak hours such as during festive seasons. However, by planning your trip beforehand, your journey will be more orderly.

    Use Google Maps or Waze

    Be a responsible driver

    As a driver, you should be considerate of other road users. Cutting queues is a dangerous act that clearly violates the rules of the road. Besides, you can be fined RM300 immediately if found guilty.

    Keep in mind that traffic rule violations can lead to accidents. So drive responsibly for the safety of you and other road users.

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