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Zurich Takaful Car Insurance: Is It Worth It?

    Zurich Takaful Car Insurance - cover

    Are you looking forward to switching your existing conventional motor insurance policy to a motor takaful plan? If the answer is yes, then look no further than Zurich Takaful car insurance.

    This Shariah-compliant car policy has a lot of incredible benefits for vehicle owners and is one of the best plans available in the market. Continue reading as we share why it’s worth considering this your preferred car insurance.

    What’s covered under Zurich Takaful?

    Zurich Takaful

    Zurich Takaful is a comprehensive policy that protects policyholders from loss or damage to their cars due to accidents, fire or theft, third-party bodily injury and death, and third-party property loss or damage.

    It uses the Shariah concept of Wakalah and Tabarru. Hence, the policy is free from elements of Al-Gharar (uncertainty), Al-Maisir (gambling), and Riba (interest).

    The policy also offers the following benefits to policyholders:

    • Temporary Courtesy Car Cover (Non-Tariff)
    • Towing and Cleaning due to Water Damage (Non-Tariff)
    • Key Replacement (Non-Tariff)
    • Waiver of Betterment (Non-Tariff)

    Key benefits

    • Less payment for drivers’ in the low-risk segments

    Discounts of up to 10% on the motor contribution for cautious drivers.

    • Up to 20% discount with a voluntary excess

    Choose the offered limit that you wish to self-pay during claims to get discounts on motor contributions.

    • Water Damage Cover for as low as RM10 per year

    Reimbursement of up to RM5,000 on towing and cleaning of the vehicle due to flood.

    • PA Cover up to RM175/car for as low as RM15 per year

    Protects the policyholder and their whole family or any other passengers in the car.

    • 60% discount off the tariff rate for Special Perils coverage

    Savings on your contribution for special perils coverage such as earthquakes, sinkholes, landslides and floods.

    • Complimentary cover extension to unlimited named drivers for private use

    Extend your coverage to an unlimited number of additional named drivers free of charge.

    • Waiver of Betterment

    Replace damaged vehicle parts with new, original parts at no extra cost with Zurich’s Waiver of Betterment.

    • Enhanced Windscreen Cover

    Your windscreen cover will not be terminated after a replacement claim. The sum covered will be reduced by deducting the windscreen claims amount.

    *Option to reinstate the claims amount portion of your windscreen cover at a pro-rated contribution rate.

    Get Zurich Takaful policy

    Zurich Takaful car insurance is a Shariah-compliant car policy that offers complete coverage for car owners. If you are looking for the best place to get your motor takaful plan, Bjak is the one for you.

    We have up to four takaful brands, including Zurich Takaful, to compare. Enjoy huge savings of up to RM500 on top of all the benefits you can get when signing up for motor takaful plans. Visit our website to get your free car insurance quotes in minutes and own your ideal policy.

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