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Home » Emergency Lane Is Not for You! Learn the Function of Each Lane on the Highway

Emergency Lane Is Not for You! Learn the Function of Each Lane on the Highway

    Emergency Lane Is Not for You! Learn the Function of Each Lane on the Highway

    Recently, a 43-second video clip went viral on social media showing nine cars and a tank truck speeding down an emergency lane. Reportedly, both incidents took place in different areas.

    9 cars overtake on the emergency lane

    The offence was caught on record by a road user on 12 December 2021. The police identified the nine vehicles saying that all were heading from Sunggala to Sua Betong, entering the Seremban-Port Dickson Highway.

    As a result, they were ordered to appear at the Port Dickson police station for further investigation. The investigation took place under Section 279 of the Penal Code and Rule 53(1) of the Road Traffic Rules 1959.

    According to another report, three of the nine drivers surrendered at 5 pm on 13 December.

    Tank truck misuse the emergency lane

    Pemandu lori tangki yang memotong di lorong kecemasan menyerahkan diri di balai polis

    In another incident, a tank truck driver reportedly overtook another vehicle on an emergency lane at Seremban-Port Dickson Highway on 11 December 2021.

    The incident happened approximately between 2-4 pm on that day. Following the offence, the driver was ordered to appear at the police station to assist in the investigation.

    The offender surrendered on 13 December after finding that the recording of his driving went viral.

    Understand the types and functions of highway lanes

    The incidents shared above are not the first to happen in Malaysia.

    We can say that this happens everywhere, committed by irresponsible drivers. Some are speeding down using the emergency lane to get to their destination quickly.

    As a driver and road user, it is your responsibility to be more careful and tolerant toward other drivers when driving on the road. In this case, you need to understand the functions of lanes on the highway.

    Typically, highways in Malaysia are divided into four lanes. The four lanes are the emergency lane, slow lane, middle lane, and speed lane.

    Read on as we explain the functions of these lanes on the highway for your understanding.

    Emergency lane

    A highway shoulder or emergency lane is specifically for emergency purposes.

    Generally, the emergency lane is reserved for the use of ambulances, fire and rescue, police, and enforcement agencies. This lane will facilitate them to avoid traffic and get to their destination quickly.

    Left lane (slow lane)

    The slow lane is on the left side of the highway. It is for heavy vehicles such as buses, lorries, and slowly-driven cars.

    Generally, heavy vehicles are not encouraged to keep driving on the middle lane except for overtaking as it may cause road congestion and endanger other road users.

    Middle lane

    The middle lane is for users who drive at a speedier pace. This lane also allows other vehicles to overtake other slower vehicles such as lorries and buses.

    Right lane (overtaking lane)

    This lane is provided as a bypass for light vehicles. It also allows them to speed on highways.

    Obey road rules

    Remember, you are also risking other users by driving recklessly on the road. Therefore, always practise safe driving when you are on the road.

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