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Don’t Know How To Buy Travel Insurance Online? Here’s How!

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    Buying travel insurance online in Malaysia is no longer as difficult as it used to be! With online platforms like Bjak, procuring the ideal travel policy has become a seamless process for everyone. If you’re still unsure about how to do so, here’s a quick guide to help you navigate the process and some additional tips to keep in mind to snatch the best deal.

    Compare travel insurance plans

    Start by visiting comparison websites like Bjak which allow you to compare plans from various insurers based on your travel details and needs. When doing so, consider factors like coverage, price, deductibles, and exclusions within the policy. For example, if you’re going on an adventurous trip, make sure the plan covers extreme activities like trekking, rock climbing or scuba diving.

    Choose your plan

    Once you’ve compared plans, select one that suits your budget and provides adequate coverage for your trip. Read the policy terms and conditions carefully to understand what’s covered and excluded. Reading T&Cs is a crucial part of buying travel insurance online because a lot of times, travellers tend to assume that they’re covered for incidents that are not included in the policy.

    Get a quote

    Enter your travel details (destination, dates, type of trip, etc.) and personal information (age, phone number, etc.) on the insurer’s website to request a quote. Online quotes are so much quicker to view compared to offline methods. Some sites generate quotes within a few minutes while others may take a few hours or the next day. Remember to provide the correct email address when requesting a quote for your trip.

    Purchase the policy

    After viewing your quote, proceed to buy travel insurance online if you’re satisfied with the quote. You can usually pay securely using your credit card or debit card. Alternatively, you can opt for instalment payments or e-wallets should the platform support these options. Once the payment is confirmed, check your email for your policy documents. Print or save them for easier reference when you are ready to travel.

    Additional things to note

    Here are some additional things to note when you hunt for flight insurance online.

    • Purchase the insurance early: This ensures you’re covered from the time you book your trip, in case any unforeseen circumstances arise.
    • Declare any pre-existing medical conditions: Concealing pre-existing conditions can void your policy. Be honest and disclose any relevant medical history when getting a quote.
    • Understand deductibles: A deductible is the amount you have to pay out of pocket before the insurance kicks in. So, choose a plan with a deductible you can afford.
    • Check the claim process: Make sure you understand how to file a claim in case of an incident during your trip.

    Reputable brands in Malaysia

    The following are some of the most reputable travel insurance providers in Malaysia. We recommend these brands as they offer some of the best coverage plans in the market covering a wide range of events and activities.

    • Allianz Malaysia
    • Etiqa
    • Zurich Insurance Malaysia
    • MSIG
    • Takaful Malaysia
    • Tune Protect

    You can check all of these policies for free on As Malaysia’s No.1 Insurance Comparison Site, we let you compare travel policies from 10 companies, including the ones mentioned above and let you customise your coverage within a few clicks. Have the choice to select between single-trip and annual travel insurance as well as various other customisations only on Bjak. Click the button to get started.

    Bjak is one of Malaysia’s biggest insurance comparison websites, offering policies from over 10 brands. Get your free insurance quote from Bjak today!

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