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Travel Insurance For Covid-19: What You Should Have In It

    Travel insurance for Covid-19 - cover

    Most of us are vaccinated against Covid-19 and can travel to most places now that travel restrictions are eased. But the pandemic hasn’t truly gone away, with many at risk of first-time infections or reinfection. Hence, travelling abroad without insurance can be risky.

    Travelling with Covid-19

    Insurance providers are well-informed of the risks of travelling to overseas destinations with Covid-19 still around. That is why many companies include them in their travel insurance policy. But what are the things your travel insurance should cover for Covid-19-related inconveniences?

    The coverage can vary depending on your destination and the policies of airlines, travel agencies, and governments. Covid-19 travel insurance is not necessary for all global travellers, but some countries or airlines may require proof of travel insurance with Covid-19 coverage.

    Covid-19-related items in your travel insurance

    Your travel insurance policy should cover all medical expenses due to Covid-19. This includes death, hospitalisation fees, medical evacuation & treatment and daily hospital allowance. Additionally, your policy should cover trip cancellations or postponements and trip curtailment that may occur if you or your travel partners test positive.

    If you have kids, the insurance should also cover your children. When you’re admitted to the hospital or a quarantine facility for treatment, childcare support should be available. This ensures your kids stay protected throughout the trip and until you recover.

    Ensure your travel insurance includes these items within your regular trip coverage or separately as an add-on option. Some insurance providers, like Tokio Marine, have Covid-19-related expenses in their Explorer travel plan.

    While others, like Zurich, have them as optional add-ons for travellers. So always remember to double-check your policy before confirming the purchase.

    Travel insurance for Covid-19

    Getting yourself and your loved ones protected against Covid-19 is important. Never make the mistake of travelling without Covid-19 protection; it can land you in serious trouble overseas.

    This is especially true if you have never contracted the virus before. As first-time infections can be serious, having some protection can ease the burden when you’re away from home.

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