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Travellers Checklist For Malaysia Entry Requirements

    Travellers Checklist For Malaysia Entry Requirement

    Are you preparing for your flight to fly over to Malaysia? It must be thrilling to be able to travel to Malaysia again. But hold up! Make sure you go through the travelers’ guidelines to ensure a smooth trip without any problem.

    In line with the reopening of the international border, Malaysia has set up the requirements for travellers to ensure safety.

    Find out what you need to do to be able to travel to Malaysia.

    MySejahtera app

    MySejahtera is a vaccine passport to facilitate contact tracing efforts in response to the COVID-19 pandemic in Malaysia. Travellers need to download the application before departure.

    You may download it from any of these:

    • Gallery of Malaysian Government Mobile Applications (GAMMA)
    • Apple AppStore
    • Google Play Store
    • Huawei AppGallery

    You may refer to our previous article for further guidelines to register for the MySejahtera application.

    Digital pre-departure

    Travellers must complete the Digital Pre-Departure Form (DPDF) before getting permission to check in to to board their flight. You can find DPDF under the ‘Traveller’ icon on the MySejahtera application.

    Fully vaccinated travellers will receive a Digital Traveller Card upon submission of the DPDF. Meanwhile, partially vaccinated or unvaccinated travellers will receive a Digital Home Surveillance Order (HSO) for 5 days. These travellers must quarantine for 5 days upon the arrival.

    Steps to find the Digital Pre-Departure Form (DPDF)

    1. Download the MySejahtera application.
    2. Fill-up the digital pre-departure form via the ‘Traveller’ icon on MySejahtera.

    Digital COVID-19 vaccine certificate

    You may verify your digital COVID-19 vaccine certificate here: application.

    Purchase COVID-19 travel insurance

    Travellers must purchase COVID-19 travel insurance for their COVID-19-related medical treatment and hospitalisation costs in Malaysia, with a minimum coverage of US$20,000. This applies to all short-term foreign visitors regardless of their COVID-19 vaccination or recovery status.

    They must purchase it before departure to Malaysia, either from Malaysia-based or overseas insurers.

    The mandatory insurance does not apply to travellers from the following categories:

    • Malaysian
    • Long-Term Social Pass
    • Expatriates Pass
    • Student Pass
    • Study Pass
    • Resident Pass
    • Permanent Resident Pass
    • Spouses of Malaysian citizens
    • Children of Malaysian citizens
    • Foreign workers including foreign helpers
    • MM2H

    For instant and easy travel insurance purchases, you may visit Bjak to get more information.

    Pre-departure and on-arrival testing


    All travellers aged 7 years old and above must provide a negative COVID-19 test result taken within 2 days of departure.

    These tests can be either:

    • RT-PCR test
    • RT-PCR OR a professional rapid antigen test (RTK-Ag) for travellers arriving from Singapore
    • A professional rapid antigen test (RTK-Ag) if the traveller recently recovered from COVID-19 (within 6 to 60 days before departure)

    Children aged 6 years old and below are exempted from pre-departure testing during check-in for the scheduled flight departure.


    All travellers aged 7 years old and above must undertake a professional rapid antigen test (RTK-Ag) within 24 hours of arrival at any private health facility.

    COVID-19 Breathalyser and RTK-Ag testing services are also available at the airport.

    Travellers who failed to undertake the on-arrival test within 24 hours of arrival will be issued with a Digital Home Surveillance Order (HSO) until the test is taken.

    Quarantine upon arrival

    Fully vaccinated travellers and travellers aged 17 years old and below are exempted from quarantine upon arrival.

    Partially vaccinated and unvaccinated travellers must serve mandatory 5 days quarantine at their accommodation. They should either take an RT-PCR test on Day-4 of quarantine OR a professional rapid antigen test (RTK-Ag) on Day-5 of quarantine.

    Those with the negative result can be released from quarantine on Day-5. Those with positive results must continue to quarantine for another 5 days.

    Travellers should immediately isolate and perform a self-administered COVID-19 RTK-Ag test if they developed any symptoms. If tested positive, please refer to the COVID-19 case management protocol.

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