What You Need To Know About Windscreen Insurance

Repairing or replacing your car windscreen can be costly. But windscreen insurance coverage can help you cover the cost.

Learn more about this additional coverage in this article.

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Most car owners would agree that their windscreen is one of the most delicate parts of their car. In fact, when you drive at a high speed, it takes just a flying pebble to chip your windscreen. And even if your windscreen is only slightly chipped, it is important to have the windscreen replaced or repaired as a chipped or broken windscreen can reduce drivers’ visibility and therefore endanger themselves and other road users.

Hence, in this article, we share what you need to know about windscreen insurance.

What is windscreen insurance?

Windscreen insurance is an additional coverage that you can add to your comprehensive insurance policy, to cover the cost of your windscreen replacement or repair. This additional coverage will cover the replacement or repair cost, without affecting your No Claim Discount (NCD).

Say that your windscreen chips or breaks, you can just bring your car to a panel workshop or repairer and have your windscreen replaced or repaired. You do not have to pay for it as it will be covered by your insurance.

Windscreen insurance for cars

How much does windscreen cover cost?

To enjoy this coverage, the additional premium you have to pay is only 15% of the amount insured for your windscreen. For instance, if your windscreen is RM1,000, then you will only have to pay 15% of the amount or just RM150.

How to claim for windscreen insurance

If your windscreen chips or breaks, these are easy steps to claim from your insurance for windscreen repair or replacement.

  1. Send your car to a panel workshop or repairer. Simply contact your insurer’s hotline to locate a panel workshop near you.
  2. You may have to provide a copy of the following documents to the panel workshop for insurance claim purposes:
    • Vehicle owner’s identity car (MyKad)
    • Vehicle owner’s driving licence
    • Vehicle grant
    • Insurance cover note

3. The panel workshop will repair or replace your windscreen and manage your insurance claim directly with your insurer.

Will you lose your NCD if you claim for your windscreen?

Without windscreen coverage, you will lose your NCD if you claim for your windscreen repair or replacement. Keep in mind that as your NCD will return to 0%, you will have to pay the full amount of your insurance premium the following year. This will without a doubt hurt your wallet.

On the other hand, if you have windscreen coverage, you can keep your NCD even after you claim for your windscreen repair or replacement. Say that your current NCD is 55%, you will still get to enjoy the same NCD rate the following year.

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Your car windscreen can easily cost you a few hundred or even more than a thousand Ringgit. Why pay for windscreen replacement when your insurer can help cover the cost? For instance, instead of having to fork out RM1,000, you only have to pay RM150 to get a new windscreen. So save your money and consider adding windscreen coverage to your comprehensive insurance to keep your NCD even after you make an insurance claim for your windscreen.

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