Windscreen Coverage Price Lists For Perodua And Proton

Planning to get windscreen coverage?

Find out the windscreen coverage price lists for Perodua and Proton car models in this article.

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Windscreen coverage is an add-on coverage that you can add to your comprehensive insurance policy, to cover the cost of your windscreen replacement or repair. This additional coverage will cover the replacement or repair cost, without affecting your No Claim Discount (NCD). In our previous article, we have covered at length what you need to know about windscreen insurance and how to claim windscreen insurance. In this article, we would like to share the windscreen coverage price list for Perodua and Proton, the two most common car brands in Malaysia.

Windscreen coverage price list for Perodua

Perodua ModelCoverage AmountPrice to Pay
Perodua AxiaRM600RM90
Perodua MyviRM600RM90
Perodua Myvi (2018+)RM800RM120
Perodua Myvi Advanced (2018+)RM1000RM150
Perodua AlzaRM700RM105
Perodua BezzaRM700RM105
Perodua Bezza (Camera) (2020+)RM1000RM150
Perodua Aruz (Camera)RM1200RM180
Perodua Aruz (without Sensor)RM1100RM165
Perodua AtivaRM1200RM180
Perodua VivaRM600RM90
Perodua KembaraRM600RM90
Perodua KancilRM500RM75
Perodua KelisaRM600RM90
Perodua KenariRM600RM90
Perodua RusaRM600RM90
Perodua NauticaRM600RM90

Windscreen coverage price list for Proton

Proton ModelCoverage AmountPrice to Pay
Proton PreveRM1200RM180
Proton IrizRM1200RM180
Proton X50RM1500RM225
Proton X50 CameraRM2000RM450
Proton X70RM1500RM225
Proton X70 CameraRM2000RM450
Proton ErtigaRM1500RM225
Proton Saga BLM / FLXRM600RM90
Proton Saga / IswaraRM600RM90
Proton Saga vvt (2016+)RM800RM120
Proton ExoraRM800RM120
Proton WiraRM600RM90
Proton SatriaRM600RM90
Proton Satria NeoRM800RM120
Proton WajaRM600RM90
Proton JuaraRM600RM90
Proton Suprema SRM1200RM180
Proton PerdanaRM1000RM150
Proton Perdana (2012-2016)RM2000RM300
Proton Perdana (2017+)RM2000RM300
Proton InspiraRM2000RM300
Proton Gen2RM600RM90
Proton Persona (2011-2017)RM600RM90
Proton Persona (2018+)RM1200RM180

Get adequate coverage for your car windscreen

Driving with a chipped windscreen is never a good idea. Even if you find just a small chip or crack on your windshield, please ensure that you get it fixed. The crack may be small but it rarely stays small. More worryingly, it could decrease your visibility and therefore affect your ability to safely drive your vehicle. By getting a windscreen add-on cover in your policy, you can claim from your insurer for your windscreen’s replacement or repair, without affecting your NCD.

To get the windscreen cover, we suggest you identify the coverage amount and the price you have to pay for your windscreen. Ensure that you pay for the premium according to the value of your windscreen as shared above.

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