Car Insurance: Do You Need These ‘6 Add-On Covers’?

Not all add-on covers are necessary for you to have.

Evaluate according to needs and budget so as not to burden you when renewing the insurance.

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The comprehensive plan alone is not adequate to assist policyholders in certain circumstances. For example – you will not be compensated in the event of natural disasters or civil commotion. The insurance company will not cover the damage cost unless you have purchased add-on covers.

There are plenty of options to purchase add-on covers when renewing insurance. Please note that these add-ons will cause your premium to increase accordingly. Therefore, you have to decide to purchase them according to your necessity.

In this article, let us run down a breakdown of each add-on covers. Read on to learn about them and decide if you ever need them!

What are 6 add-on covers?

Special perils coverage

Perlindungan peril khas

Special peril coverage will help you to get compensation if your car is damaged due to disasters. For examples:

  • Floods
  • Storms
  • Landslides
  • Fallen trees
  • Landslides
  • Earthquakes

Should you purchase it?

Over the recent few years, flood disasters have become more frequent in Malaysia. As a result, hundreds of thousands of vehicles suffered severe damage that caused vehicle owners to bear losses.

You may want to get this coverage although your area is not prone to flood.

Windscreen coverage

Did you spot a crack in your car windscreen? Yes, you can claim insurance to repair the damage. However, claiming insurance without windscreen coverage will affect your NCD. As a result, your insurance premium will increase in the following years.

That is why we recommend you get this coverage. With windscreen coverage, you can claim without affecting your NCD rates over the years.

Should you purchase it?

Do you always use your car as your main transport? For example – to commute to work or for family use?

If so, you may need to add this coverage to your policy.

Roads are littered with unseen risks to vehicles – especially the windscreen. Your windshield is particularly vulnerable. Although your windscreen is made of thick and shatterproof glass, it can be damaged by road hazards, friction and harsh weather.

In the event of windscreen cracks or shatters, you will be able to claim without affecting the NCD.

Car accessories coverage

perlindungan aksesori kereta

To your knowledge, comprehensive insurance will not cover your car accessories.

The insurance will only cover the repair or replacement of the standard and factory-fitted accessories.

For example – you just changed the standard sport rim to a new one. However, it got stolen recently. In such a situation, you cannot claim insurance to compensate for your losses.

Should you purchase it?

If you are planning to get additional accessories such as customised sport rims, you should probably opt for this protection.

Legal liability coverage

There are two types of two types of legal liability coverage in Malaysia:

i) Legal Liability to Passengers

  • Offers protection to the policyholder or other named driver from the risk of legal liability sought by your passengers against you in the event of an accident due to your negligence.

ii) Legal Liability of Passengers

  • Offers protection to the policyholder or other named driver against any action of legal liability for negligence committed by your passengers.

Should you purchase it?

You should opt for this coverage if you always carry passengers in your car.

“Legal Liability is Passengers” coverage is compulsory for cars entering Singapore.

Strikes, Riot, and Civil Commotion (S.R.C.C) coverage

Perlindungan rusuhan awam

Driving on the turf of riot-prone areas will most likely cause danger to your car.

Here’s a question: If your car is damaged due to commotion or riot, will you be compensated by your insurer?

The answer is no, even if you are a comprehensive insurance policyholder. The comprehensive coverage does not protect against damages due to strikes, riots and commotion.

Should you purchase it?

Strikes, riots, and civil commotion somewhat seldom happen in Malaysia. So, you can choose to purchase it or skip it. Just ensure your vehicle is parked in a safe and well-lit area.

Personal accident coverage

Although your comprehensive policy sounds promising in providing extensive coverage, it has boundaries too. To your knowledge, it does not cover your injury, disability, or death following an accident caused by you.

This policy only covers third parties who are injured or die as a result of your negligence. All the costs of treatment including hospital fees will have to be borne by you.

Meanwhile, personal accident coverage covers your injury, disability, or death following an accident caused by you.

Should you purchase it?

You do not have to purchase this add-on cover when renewing your car insurance if you already have medical or life insurance in place.

However, you can purchase personal accident coverage if you have yet to purchase insurance products.

Get add-on covers following your necessity

You do not have to purchase all forms of additional coverage when renewing insurance. Evaluate your needs, and purchase according to your needs.

That way, you are not overpaying for your insurance premium.

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