Can You Claim Insurance for Riot-Related Damage to Your Car?

Can you claim insurance to cover the car damage resulting from a riot?

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Strikes, riots, and civil commotion somewhat seldom happen in Malaysia. It is unfortunate and unpredictable. Despite not experiencing one anywhere near you, it may happen regardless of the place or time. In this untoward event, you or your motor vehicle could be badly damaged in a riot. But can you claim compensation for riot-related damage to your insured vehicle?

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What does it mean by car damage result from riots?

It is damage to your vehicle that happens following a riot, strike, or civil commotion. If your car happens to be parked in an area where a riot breaks out, the probability of your car getting damaged is very high.

Let’s refer to previous news that occurred in 2018. A scuffle between two rival groups triggered an all-out riot at the site of the Seafield Sri Maha Mariamman temple at USJ 25, Putra Heights. As a result, up to 18 vehicles in the vicinity were set alight by dozens of brawlers at the site.

car damage result from riots

In this case, can you claim compensation from your insurer for damage to your insured vehicle? Read the following point for further explanation.

Can you claim insurance to cover your car damage resulting from riots?

You may think that your comprehensive car insurance policy gives the utmost protection to your car. However, please note that it actually does cover damages caused by strikes, riots, and civil commotions.

Most insurance policies have included a clause stating they will not compensate for the car damages caused by: 1) strike, 2) riot or 3) civil commotion in the General Exceptions section.

For example, you may find a similar paragraph (refer to below) written in the policy:

If any loss, damage, or liability is caused by the invasion, war (whether war is declared or not), warlike operation, acts of foreign enemies, hostilities, civil war, acts of terrorism, strike, riot, civil commotion, mutiny, rebellion, revolution, insurrection, military or usurped power or by any direct or indirect consequences of any of the said occurrences.

Therefore, you are not liable to claim insurance for any riot-related damage.

Additional Strikes, Riot, and Civil Commotion (S.R.C.C) coverage

However, the outcome is different if you have added additional Strikes, Riot, and Civil Commotion (S.R.C.C) add-on coverage on top of your comprehensive coverage. This additional coverage covers the repair costs to your vehicle for damages caused by any of the situations mentioned above.

If you have already purchased S.R.C.C add-on coverage then you can claim compensation due to riots.

How to calculate the premium for this additional coverage?

The premium can cost around 0.3% of the insured sum.

Say that you would like to get the extensive S.R.C.C cover. As the sum insured for your car is RM50,000, you will have to pay 0.3% of the amount to enjoy the coverage. Therefore, the amount you have to pay is RM150 for a one-year coverage.

However, the premium amount may vary across insurers. It is best to check with your preferred insurer for the accurate sum. 

Should you purchase this additional coverage?

Not many people may purchase this additional S.R.C.C coverage because incidents such as riots or civil commotion are rare. It is up to you to prepare your vehicle against the unseen events.

However, if you do not opt for this add-on coverage, please ensure to park your car in a safer area. Do avoid potential areas such as political rallies. Please also avoid parking your vehicle by the roadside too. 

Rallies or riots are unpredictable, we cannot know where they may occur in advance.

Purchase S.R.C.C coverage to enable you claim insurance to cover riot-related damage

Above all, please be safe and ensure your vehicle is parked in a safe and well-lit area. As we have mentioned multiple times, nobody can predict when and where a riot will break out.

If you have an extra budget, you may want to use it to purchase the S.R.C.C add-on coverage in your comprehensive policy plan. Anything that prepares your vehicle in the event of unfortunate events does not go wasted.

Would you like to add this additional coverage to your car insurance policy? You may visit Bjak to renew your car insurance online now.

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