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Face masks for outdoors, Mysejahtera check-ins no longer compulsory from May 1

    Face masks for outdoors, Mysejahtera check-ins no longer compulsory from May 1

    After two years, Malaysians are no longer required to wear face masks in public effective May 1.

    Health minister Khairy Jamaluddin announced it is now optional for those who are outdoors. However, he still encourages the use of face masks in crowded places. Examples are Bazaar Ramadhan, Pasar Malam, or at a concert/stadium.

    Khairy stressed that it is still mandatory to wear face masks indoors and on public transport.

    “In short, the wearing of face masks outdoors is optional, no longer mandatory.

    “The enforcement of Act 342 will apply to individuals who fail to adhere to the order. We will still enforce mask mandate indoors,” he said.

    Act 342 refers to the provision under the Prevention and Control of Infectious Diseases Act. It currently imposes a maximum of RM1,000 fine on those who violate government-set standard operating procedures.

    In addition, Khairy said high-risk individuals should carry on wearing face masks, indoors and outdoors. This goes the same for those who are showing symptoms.

    In addition to face masks relaxation, no more social distancing and scanning MySejahtera

    Khairy also said it is no longer compulsory for MySejahtera to check in when entering public places or premises.

    He encouraged people to activate the MySJ Trace function in their MySejahtera app for contact tracing.

    People with “high risk” status on the MySejahtera and those placed under House Surveillance Order (HSO), he said, are not allowed to enter the premises.

    “The management of the premises can check the risk status of the people (as displayed in the MySejahtera app) before allowing them to enter the premises.”

    Khairy said the application is still important to report an individual’s Covid-19 test results and monitor home surveillance orders (HSOs). He said it assists the ministry in the prevention and control of Covid-19.

    He said the government will further improve the MySejahtera application with new features.

    “For a start, the Hotspot Tracker was previously used to track hotspot areas of Covid-19 cases. It will change to an Infectious Disease Tracker to detect hotspot areas of other diseases. Examples are rabies, measles, hand, foot and mouth disease (HFMD) and dengue.”

    Be safe, don’t neglect face masks in crowded areas

    Despite the relaxation imposed by the government, please be sure to stay safe when you step outside. Do not forget to wear face masks in crowded places. If the crowds are too close for comfort, it is best to stay away.

    Together, we contain the Covid-19 virus. Stay safe during this festive season. We wish you a splendid Raya with your loved ones wherever you are. Have a safe drive on the road.

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