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How To Check Car Roadtax Prices

    car roadtax prices

    Car insurance premiums may vary every year under certain circumstances. However, it depends on the insurance companies.

    What determines the changes in premium? It may be due to i) the frequency of your claims, ii) additional coverage in the policy, etc.

    Unlike road tax, the price remains for every year – as long as you renew with the same car.

    For anyone, especially new car owners, here is how you can check your road tax prices.

    Is it important to check your car roadtax prices?

    Yes, you must know. Road tax renewal is a commitment to all car owners. Failure to renew it can land you in trouble!

    It is better for you to check for the price earlier so you can estimate your budget when renewing it.

    How to check car road tax price

    There are two easy ways to check car road tax:

    Check road tax prices online

    The advancement of technology has made many things easy. The simplicity we enjoy today includes checking our road tax and insurance from the tips of our fingers.

    You may refer to this article to check the prices of your roadtax: Latest Car Roadtax Prices in Malaysia (2022)

    You will need to provide information such as the car model, engine capacity and recent address.

    Check the price on the roadtax paper

    semak harga roadtax

    Our car’s road tax paper also actually displays the road tax price. You can check your car’s road tax paper from the previous year to find out your road tax price for the upcoming renewal.

    On the paper, there is the road tax price of your car for 6 months or 12 months, depending on how long you have previously activated the car’s road tax period.

    Renew your car roadtax

    Don’t forget to renew your car’s road tax before it expires. We advice you to find out the road tax price of your car so that you can set aside a specific budget to avoid feeling burdened.

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