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5 Things To Consider In Flight Insurance When Travelling With Kids

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    Travelling with family isn’t the same as travelling alone or with a pet because your travel experience differs totally. Parents who bring their children out for vacations sure know all the struggles of managing the needs of kids during vacations. This only gets more challenging during overseas trips because of the location and the money they have to spend.

    If you have never travelled with a child before and are planning for your very first family vacation abroad, here are some factors you should consider when booking international trip insurance for your little ones.

    Age-specific needs

    Children certainly have different needs than adults due to their age. So, the first thing you should consider in your flight insurance policy is age-specific needs.

    For example, babies require frequent checkups and essential vaccinations, while teenagers need coverage for sports injuries or adventure activities. Therefore, consider the age of your child when deciding if the chosen policy is right for your child.

    Pre-existing conditions

    Some children have pre-existing conditions while others don’t. If your child has one, check if the policy covers any pre-existing medical conditions. For example, eczema and other skin-related conditions are quite common among children and require special attention.

    These conditions may worsen when travelling overseas due to the change in weather. So, ensure there is coverage for pre-existing or congenital conditions. When checking for these, remember to check for exclusions and limitations within the policy as well.


    Children are bound to fall sickly quickly depending on the trip destination. In the event they fall sick, you would need the necessary medication to handle the situation. Hence, checking if your travel insurance policy covers any medication your child needs while travelling is a must.

    Just like pre-existing conditions, checking for exclusions and limitations within your policy for medication costs is important to avoid out-of-pocket expenses at your vacation spot.


    Destinal is another important factor you should consider when purchasing overseas travel insurance for your children. This is because medical costs and other childcare expenses can vary drastically by country.

    If you are travelling to a country that has a high living cost, ensure that your plan covers emergency medical expenses adequately. For example, ensure there is a dedicated coverage amount for children in your policy for medical and other needs instead of just a single amount for adults or families.

    Deductible and excess fees

    The final factor that you should weigh in when purchasing travel insurance for a family vacation is to check for deductibles and excess fees. Understanding the amount you need to pay out of pocket before the insurance kicks in is essential.

    Deductibles and excess fees are often ignored by a lot of travellers but as a parent, you should be anticipating this as family vacations tend to cost more. It is normal for international trip insurance to have deductibles because the claim process is often complex and when you’re abroad, getting compensation from your insurer takes more time. So, during emergencies, you should be able to cover the initial expenses yourself.

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