Is It Safe to Purchase Car Insurance Policy Online?

Buying car insurance online has made people’s life easy – save time, energy, and money too!

However, is it safe from possible fraud that often heard reported?

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With the rising of e-commerce, approaches to online insurance are becoming more unconventional to satisfy consumer needs. You can get access to almost everything online. That access includes getting insurance purchases just from your fingertips!

You can enjoy more benefits if you buy car insurance online. You have the option to buy car insurance online, which is easier and faster. But don’t get too invested – you have to be careful!

Benefits of buying car insurance online

The following are the benefits of renewing insurance online:

  • More time to compare car insurance policies
  • Buying car insurance online saves time and energy
  • Greater convenient
  • Saves more money

Red flags to beware of when purchasing car insurance online

Amidst the convenience prepared by legit sites, you can find the probability of fraud by irresponsible parties. Here we run down a few warning signs that you should look out for:

Counterfeit offers

Be careful of any counterfeit offers. They are such a big fraud. You may come across incredible offers while looking for car insurance. If you think they are too good to be true, then don’t trust them.

After getting you hooked on their offer, they will trick you into giving your bank account details to rob you off your money.

In such a situation, it is best to check their authenticity. Call the insurance company to ask about the genuineness of the offer.

*Note: Counterfeit offers are those that imitate the physical appearance of other products but which do not copy the brand name or logo of a trademark.

Inaccurate information

In the event of inaccurate information or any discrepancies about the insurance company, you should cross-check the information with the insurance company.

Please ensure to clarify before you buy the insurance plan from the website.

No payment receipts

Please be alert with payment receipts. A legit website will always provide a receipt following payment. However, if they don’t provide payment receipts, the chances of fraud are high.

*Note: As a precaution, please ask for a receipt before any transaction that you make beforehand. Don’t forget to keep the receipts for future reference.

Signature on the policy

Please check if the policy document has a signature on it. A policy document from a legit website will consist of the signature of an authorised signatory from the company.

*Signing your insurance policy is an important step in the process. It confirms the identity of the applicant and that both parties agree to the terms of the policy.

Please clarify with the insurance company if the policy document does not have a signature.

How do you ensure the insurance website safe and legit for purchase?

  1. Contact the insurance company or Persatuan Insuran Am Malaysia (PIAM), the Life Insurance Association of Malaysia (LIAM) the Malaysian Takaful Association (MTA) to ensure the website is authorised
  2. Go through the policy coverage and read the terms & conditions carefully to confirm the validity of the website
  3. Read the existing customer reviews – you would be able to learn about their business nature based on the feedbacks

Do a thorough check-up before purchasing insurance

The internet made insurance purchases effortless. The price of online insurance plans is typically cheaper than buying in person. People have more options to browse for different quotes.

However, what comes with ease is the risk of fraud and scams. Please be careful and do not fall into their traps. Make sure you conduct research before purchasing to prevent losses.

As such, you can use Bjak, a trusted insurance-comparison website. You are free to browse for multiple plans at once online without any charge!

Bjak is one of Malaysia’s biggest insurance comparison sites, offering 15 insurance brands. Get your free car insurance quotes at Bjak and renew your insurance and roadtax online in 5 minutes.

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