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Kurnia Car Insurance: Add-On Options & Claims Procedure

    Kurnia car insurance - cover

    Kurnia offers a range of insurance products for Malaysians since 1978. Previously, we looked at its comprehensive coverage for private cars and reasons to choose Kurnia as your preferred auto insurance provider.

    In this second part, we will explore the optional add-ons and Kurnia car insurance claims procedure details. Read on to find out what they are and how to submit your claims when needed.

    Optional Add-Ons

    Kurnia offers a range of add-on coverage for all its vehicle insurance plans. Its three comprehensive policies for cars are eligible for the following add-ons. Policyholders can purchase them by paying additional premiums on top of their basic sum insured.

    1. Windscreen Damage
    2. Convulsions of Nature
    3. Compensation for Assessed Repair Time (CART)
    4. Private Hire Car Endorsement (e-Hailing)
    5. Legal Liability to Passengers
    6. Legal Liability of Passengers
    7. Strike, Riot & Civil Commotion

    Kurnia Auto Assist

    Comprehensive car coverage

    Kurnia’s customers are eligible for nationwide roadside assistance that covers everything from accidents to breakdowns. Kurnia Auto Assist (KAA) provides the following services for its customers. The auto assist team is available 24 hours daily. In case of an emergency, call KAA at 1800-88-3833.

    • Jump-start your car
    • Accidents
    • Breakdown
    • Fuel delivery
    • Towing services
    • Flat tyre

    What to do in an accident?

    If you are caught up in an accident, do the following to claim your auto insurance successfully.

    1. Remain calm and get help

    Remain calm and ensure you and the other party are safe from any immediate danger. If there’s an injury, seek medical assistance immediately.

    2. Report the accident

    Do not admit liability, negotiate or sign anything. Get the other party’s contact and vehicle details. Contact Kurnia Auto Assist for accident assistance. Then, report the accident to the police within 24 hours.

    3. Kurnia handles the claims

    Call Kurnia’s Claims Helpdesk at 1800-88-3833 to initiate the claims process. The team will assist you through the entire process until the claim is settled.

    How to submit claims?

    Auto insurance claim
    1. For all Motor Claims, call Kurnia’s Helpdesk at 1 800 88 3833 for assistance. Their friendly staff will guide you through the whole process.
    2. For Kurnia Express Claims, lodge a police report within 24 hours, and drive your vehicle with supporting documents to any AmGeneral Insurance branch within 48 hours of the accident. Kurnia Express Claims provides immediate settlement for minor own damage claims.

    Get Kurnia car insurance

    Choosing an ideal insurance plan for your car is important. That’s why we recommend Kurnia’s comprehensive insurance. With up to three different plans and various customisations, you can protect your vehicle easily.

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