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Kurnia Car Insurance: Third-Party Coverage Options

    Kurnia car insurance - cover

    Kurnia car insurance serves tens of thousands of people in the country. The Liberty Insurance-owned company is rated one of the best auto insurance providers for various reasons. We have looked at its comprehensive plans, add-on coverage options and claims procedure in different articles.

    We will conclude this three-part series with third-party, fire and theft (TPFT) car coverage options. Kurnia’s TPFT coverage comes in two different plans – the basic TPFT plan and the auto365 TPFT premier plan. Let’s learn more about them below.

    Third Party, Fire & Theft

    Kurnia’s basic TPFT protection provides third-party-related claims and towing assistance of up to RM200 for accidents. Besides, policyholders are also eligible for limited own damage claims.

    Benefits offered:

    1. Towing assistance – accident (up to RM200*)
    2. Own damage claim (limited to accidental fire & theft)
    3. Third-party property damage claim
    4. Third-party bodily injury claim

    auto365 Third Party, Fire & Theft Premier

    Auto insurance policy

    Auto365 Third Party, Fire & Theft Premier is an extensive TPFT coverage with essential benefits that protects car owners, their vehicles and others. The plan has one additional benefit compared to the basic TPFT plan.

    Benefits offered:

    1. Towing assistance – accident (up to 200km*)
    2. Own damage claim (limited to RM5,000* for at-fault accidental collision or overturning)
    3. Third-party property damage claim
    4. Third-party bodily injury claim
    5. Naming additional drivers – free (unlimited drivers)

    Optional Add-Ons

    Kurnia’s third-party coverage plans are eligible for the following optional add-on protection.

    1. Legal liability to passengers
    2. Legal liability of passengers

    Road tax renewal is also offered as an additional service by Kurnia.

    Key benefits of Kurnia car insurance

    Car insurance coverage

    As a trusted car insurance brand since 1978, Kurnia has a vast support network to serve customers throughout Malaysia. These are key benefits of choosing Kurnia third-party coverage over other brands.

    24-hour free auto assistance – Get free jumpstart, battery change or flat tyre replacement and free towing up to 50km (West Malaysia / 30km (East Malaysia) with Kurnia 24-hour Auto Assist.

    Kurnia Express – You can get claims immediately in cash with Kurnia Express. This is a quick way to make your Own Damage and Windscreen claims.

    Free SMS service – Kurnia customers receive renewal reminders, claims notifications and answers to NCD enquiries via free SMS service.

    24-hour support – Contact Kurnia Auto Assist at 1800-88-3833 at any time of the day for assistance. The support team is available 24/7.

    Kurnia third-party coverage

    Kurnia third-party insurance is ideal for those who drive less but still need basic coverage for accidental damage and legal liabilities. For free Kurnia insurance quotes, check out for more details.

    You can compare prices of different plans and renew your preferred policy along with your roadtax within 5 minutes. Enjoy all the benefits and the convenience of paying in instalments when running short of money.

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