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Home » Mandatory Covid-19 Travel Insurance for Foreign Tourists To Enter Malaysia

Mandatory Covid-19 Travel Insurance for Foreign Tourists To Enter Malaysia

    Mandatory Covid-19 travel insurance for foreign nationals entering Malaysia

    Traveling to a foreign country during the Covid-19 pandemic can be dangerous. Thanks to vaccines, and rapid tests, people started flying again, both domestically and internationally. Many countries have reopened their border for tourism and travel.

    We cannot be too confident to travel safely as the virus knows no bound across the globe. The latest Omicron variant has made it clear too the pandemic is not over. That said, you need to plan and prepare in advance. This is where travel insurance must be a necessity.

    Travel insurance has always been vital to cover different kinds of travel-related risks, covering these extra unforeseen costs. The coverage must include corona-virus infection too at times like this.

    Many countries have mandated the purchase of Covid-19 travel insurance as part of their entry requirements. Malaysia is also no exception to the mandate.

    Mandatory Covid-19 Travel Insurance for foreign tourists

    Mandatory Covid-19 travel insurance for foreign nationals entering Malaysia

    The Malaysian government has made it compulsory for foreign tourists to purchase COVID-19 Insurance as an entry requirement. This applies to all short-term foreign visitors regardless of their COVID-19 vaccination or recovery status.

    Travellers must purchase the insurance coverage for their COVID-19-related medical treatment and hospitalisation costs in Malaysia, with a minimum coverage of US$20,000 (equivalent to RM85,000).

    They need to declare in MySejahtera that they have an insurance protection policy that covers travel and Covid-19.

    Who is exempted from buying the coverage?

    The mandatory insurance does not apply to travellers from the following categories:

    • Malaysian
    • Long-Term Social Pass
    • Expatriates Pass
    • Student Pass
    • Study Pass
    • Resident Pass
    • Permanent Resident Pass
    • Spouses of Malaysian citizens
    • Children of Malaysian citizens
    • Foreign workers including foreign helpers
    • MM2H

    Purchase Covid-19 Insurance Travel with Bjak

    Please be reminded to purchase the Covid-19 Insurance Travel before departure if you have a plan to visit Malaysia soon.

    You may visit Bjak’s website for your convenience as we offer coverage to keep you safe during your holiday in Malaysia.

    How to purchase

    The process is simple! You need to provide your nationality and flight details to get a quote instantly.

    Product highlight

    The followings are what is offered by Covid-19 Travel Insurance:

    • Covers hospitalization & benefits related to COVID-19
    • Instant digital insurance certificate and policy provided through your email Immediate Approval
    • Satisfies immigration requirements
    • Offers up to RM350,000 (equivalent to USD83,000) coverage for COVID-19 Medical Expenses​
    • Open to travellers (30 days to 70 years old)

    Get protected to travel safely

    Wherever you’re going and whatever your vaccination status is, it is wise to safeguard your finances in place for pandemic-related trip problems. Covid-19 travel insurance can provide you with that safety net.

    Prepare yourself against any unforeseen cost by getting the coverage.

    Visit Bjak to purchase Covid-19 travel insurance now, and start preparing for your travel trip to Malaysia!

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