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Motorcyclist Safety Tips for Long-Distance Travel

    Motorcyclist Safety Tips for Long-Distance Travel

    Riding a motorcycle for long-distance travel can be exciting. However, motorcyclists have a higher risk of fatal accidents than car drivers. They are presented with some unique challenges on the road. However, it does not necessarily guarantee a fatal accident if they ride a motorcycle. They can still ensure their safety by taking the necessary measures while on the road. Read on as we share some motorcyclist tips for a safe long-distance trip that may be useful!

    Motorcyclist Tips for Safe Long-Distance Travel

    Ensure motorcycle in a good condition

    Pastikan motosikal anda berada dalam keadaan terbaik bagi mengelakkan sebarang kejadian tidak diingini berlaku

    Please ensure the motorcycle is in top condition before embarking on a long-distance journey ahead. This is helpful to prevent any problems while on the road.

    Make sure that your motorcycle has undergone all required maintenance. Check the tyre, engine oil, coolant, and other components.

    If you do not know how to check your motorcycle, send it to the workshop for inspection. Remember, do not skip this step to ensure the safety of you and other road users.

    Find the appropriate time and weather to leave

    Plan your journey and leave at the right time. Make sure to check for the weather as well.

    Avoid riding your motorcycle in rainy weather as the condition can distract your focus on the road. Other than that, please also avoid riding in scorching hot or windy weather.

    Bring extra equipment, tools

    Prepare essential equipment like gloves, small towels and raincoats, screwdrivers, spanners, and others that deem necessary.

    You are prepared for any unexpected incident that may happen on the road.

    Ride with friends

    Elak menunggang motosikal sendirian bagi perjalanan yang lebih selamat dan menyeronokkan

    You are not advised to ride along, especially for a long-distance journey. Ride together with the other riders.

    At least, you will not be alone in case of any untoward incidents. You can get help from your friends if something is wrong with your motorcycle.

    Prepare enough money

    Don’t forget to prepare for extra cash. We never know what may happen during our long-distance trip.

    Say if something is wrong with your motorcycle and needs to be repaired at the workshop. You can easily send it without worry if you stand by enough cash!

    Clear visibility

    You will be exposed to extreme heat. Therefore make sure you wear the right sunglass to improve your visibility on the road.

    You are also recommended to use a helmet equipped with a visor to assist your riding.

    Rest if you feel tired

    Riding a motorcycle is more tiring than driving a car, especially on a long trip. You are encouraged to stop at any rest area to rest and cool down the engine.

    Do not speed to reach your destination early. Your safety comes first.

    Pull into a rest stop and take a quick catnap. Get rest for at least 20 minutes before continuing your ride on highways.

    Keep safe distance

    If you ride together with other riders, please be mindful of the following distance. Avoid moving too close to each other for a potential collision.

    You do not only put yourself in danger but other road users as well.

    If you need to communicate while riding, use hand signs to give a signal.

    Follow these motorcycle safety tips

    We hope this article is helpful to assist motorcyclists in planning a long-distance journey safely.

    Please do not forget to ensure your road tax and insurance coverage are still active before you hit the road! Save yourself from trouble if you bump into a roadblock.

    Do not ride your motorcycle without active insurance and roadtax to avoid getting summonsed by the authorities.

    For your convenience, you may renew them easily at Bjak. Visit Bjak to receive a free quote.

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