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Road Sign Boards in Malaysia: What Do They Mean?

    Road Sign Boards in Malaysia: What Do They Mean?

    You are on the road every day to drive to the office, malls, markets, and other places. You may have seen sign boards along the road.

    However, have you noticed how some road signs on a roadside differ from one another? You may find the differences in shape, font size, colour, placement, and symbol.

    The differences carry different purposes for road users’ facilities.

    What do these Malaysian sign boards mean?

    The purpose of road signs alongside the road is to display information to road users. You can find most road signs placed or hung in an easily accessible and safe area.

    In this article, Bjak will share more about the meaning of road signs in Malaysia to enhance our understanding.

    Meaning of road signs in Malaysia

    The followings are the types of road signs in Malaysia that you should know:

    Blue sign board

    Papan tanda biru

    Blue traffic signboards represent non-tolled federal, state, and municipal roads.

    Federal roads

    Jalan persekutuan

    Federal roads are labelled with numbers.

    Digit Penjelasan
    001 – 249Main federal route number
    250 – 479Institutional facilities federal routes
    EXIT 1 – EXIT 99
    EXIT 201 – EXIT 299
    Federal road exit numbers
    1-1 – 1-59
    3-1 – 3-99
    Main federal route numbers (Sarawak)
    A01 – A99Main federal route numbers (Sabah)
    700 – 799Main federal route numbers (Labuan)
    1000 – 1999
    2000 – 2999
     FELDA/FELCRA federal route number
    3000 – 3999Industrial federal route numbers

    State roads

    Jalan negeri

    The state road system uses a letter of the alphabet for its route number.

    A- Perak

    B- Selangor

    C- Pahang

    D- Kelantan

    J- Johor

    K- Kedah

    M- Melaka

    N- Negeri Sembilan

    P- Pulau Pinang

    R- Perlis

    SA- Sabah

    T- Terengganu

    Green sign boards

    Papan tanda hijau

    Green traffic signboards represent toll expressways or highways. It is used for the Malaysian Highway System.

    ‘E” code sign boards

    Huruf 'E' pada papan tanda

    The letter ‘E’ is an abbreviation for an expressway. It is only known as highways.

    Sign boards with yellow lettering

    Papan tanda huruf kuning

    Yellow lettering indicates the road name.

    Sign boards with white lettering

    Papan tanda huruf putih

    White lettering indicates the name of the town or area.

    Sign boards with white lettering on maroon background

    Belakang maroon huruf putih

    This signboard indicates the place as a tourist attraction.

    Sign boards with orange lettering on green background

    Nama jingga latar hijau

    This signboard indicates government institutions.

    The arrangement of destinations on sign boards

    Jarak lokasi

    Destinations on signboards are placed according to the distance.

    The furthest location is placed at the bottom. Meanwhile, the nearest location is placed at the top.

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