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Roadblock Ahead? Here’s What You Should Do

    Roadblock Ahead? Here's What You Should Do

    As you drive, your road map warns you of a police roadblock less than one kilometer away. It is probably just police officers may be on duty to examine for traffic. However, it may appeal to be intriguing and worrying for some despite not doing anything wrong. Yes, we know that!

    Roadblocks can be set up anytime and anywhere. You may run into one on the highway or even on an unfamiliar road where you would least expect it to be.

    So, don’t be nervous. Calm down, and overcome your fear with our tips!

    What should you do at a roadblock?

    sekatan jalan raya

    First and foremost, do not play with your cell phone! It is an offence to use a cell phone during driving.

    As you wait in line at a roadblock, stay away from your cell phone if you do not wish to get into trouble. By trouble, we mean summons!

    Other than that, the followings are other tips that you can use!

    Prepare your documents

    Make sure to check your documents before you hit the road. As a legal driver, you are required to own a valid driving licence and road tax as well. If you have neither of these two, then know that you are in trouble.

    Whoever is caught driving without a valid driving licence and road tax will be liable for fines between RM300 – RM2000. You do not want to waste your money on that!

    Other than that, please stick your road tax sticker properly. Make sure it is not crooked on either side!

    Slow down your vehicle and stop if required

    Stopping at the roadblock may take time. However, do not speed and abide by the law. Slow down your car near the roadblock area. Do not overtake the lane and wait for your turn.

    During the inspection, roll down the window and turn on the light (at night) to facilitate the police officer checking your car.

    Park your car on the roadside if you are asked to do so and wait for further instructions if there is any.

    Worry less, stay calm

    Your facial expression can display personal emotions within a social situation. Do not appear too worried. Breathe in and relax. Just answer any questions addressed to you.

    Please bear in mind that the police officer will not do any harm to you if you are not guilty. So what is there to worry about so much?

    Don’t worry if you do not commit any traffic offence

    The followings are the offences that can lead to a summons.

    • Not renewing road tax and insurance
    • Do not possess a valid roadtax
    • Unlawful car modification such as fancy plat numbers, exceeding maximum window tint

    You may refer to our previous article to learn more about the regulation of the use of car window tints according to the JPJ.

    If you do not commit any of the offences, do not worry about getting a summons!

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