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Safety Tips When Driving With Babies On Board

    Safety Tips When Driving With Babies On Board

    Driving your car with a baby on board can be nerve-wracking and tricky, especially with new parents. The inevitable anxiety can quickly interfere with your driving skills. Worry less dear parents! Here we share several safety tips to help you ensure your baby is safe and protected while you drive.

    Use the right child car seat

    Safety Tips When Driving With Babies On Board

    The government has enforced the use of child car seats or the Child Restraint System (CRS) in private vehicles, effective January 1, 2020.

    Therefore, make sure to choose a car seat with good safety ratings.

    Kindly note that not all car seats can fit all cars. Hence, please perform a test installation before buying a seat. The right size and properly fitted seat can reduce risks while on the road.

    Children from birth to 3 years old may require a rear-facing car seat. Meanwhile, children anywhere from 2-7 years old, are suitable for a forward-facing seat. When your child outgrows the forward-facing seat, they should use a booster seat until they can properly fit into a seat belt.

    Place the child’s car seat at the back

    Please install the child car seat in the back. It is safer to place your child’s car seat in the back seat, away from active airbags.

    If the car seat is placed in the front seat and the airbag inflates, it could hit the back of a rear-facing car seat — right where the child’s head is — and cause a serious or fatal injury. An airbag could also hit and harm a child riding in a forward-facing car seat.

    Buckle up your baby

    Please check and buckle up your baby whether they’re in an infant-rated or child seat.

    Your baby will be protected and in a safe condition if anything happens while you drive.

    Use a sun shade

    Safety Tips When Driving With Babies On Board

    Install a sunshade in the side window closest to your baby to keep the light out when they are sleeping. The bright sunlight can disturb your baby and cause them to start fussing.

    This also help to maintain the temperature in the vehicle.

    Get a backseat mirror

    Safety Tips When Driving With Babies On Board

    Unlike rearview mirrors, a backseat mirror allows parents to see babies sitting in rear-facing car seats.

    Sometimes, it can be worrying to hear your baby cry in the back while driving. Install a mirror in the back seat so you can see your child with a glance in the rearview mirror rather than having to turn around to check on them.

    Activate the child lock

    Safety Tips When Driving With Babies On Board

    A child lock is intended to prevent children from opening rear doors from inside.

    You can find this lock usually located at the rear doors. They can only be opened when someone pulls the door handle from the outside once you activate the lock.

    Follow the traffic rules

    Make sure you are driving at the right speed and follow the traffic rules. Consider not only our own safety but also the safety of your baby in the back.

    Remember, your precious one in the back, and as parents, we must consider not only our own safety but also the safety of our children.

    Other than that, avoid all unnecessary distractions. Silence your cell phone before you get in the car, avoid eating and drinking while on the road, and simply focus on the ride.

    Follow these safety tips, prioritise your baby’s safety

    Make sure you are providing your baby with the best possible safety when driving.

    Follow the safety tips provided to ensure your child is in the safest environment possible.

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