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What Do These 5 Colours of Road Signs Mean

    What Do These 5 Colours of Road Signs Mean

    Did you notice the road signboards while passing by the routes every day? If yes, ever wonder how some road signs come in different colours than others?

    To your knowledge, each colour signifies a different action or reference. The differences carry different purposes for road users’ facilities. Read this article to learn more about their differences.


    Papan tanda warna jingga

    An orange signboard with black letters indicates construction or road maintenance is taking place temporarily.

    These signs are displayed to alert upcoming drivers when passing through the route. Do not speed if you see this sign to avoid an accident.


    Papan tanda berwarna merah

    A red round sign with a white line tells you there is danger ahead.

    It might mean a no-entry, one-way street, dangerous zone for overtaking, speeding, stopping, etc.


    Blue signs are used for traffic on federal, state, and municipal roads. It also shows you are driving on the toll-free route on these roads.


    Papan tanda kuning

    Yellow sign boards indicate a warning. They usually have diamond shapes and yellow backgrounds, contrasting with black pictograms.

    For example, they are displayed to alert drivers when encountering slippery roads, landslide areas, a junction, etc.

    Make sure to slow down your vehicle when passing through the road with this sign.


    Green road signs indicate permitted movements and directions or guidance, such as highway entrances and exits or distance to upcoming destinations.

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