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When Can You Overtake Safely

    overtaking lanes

    Over 500,000 accident cases are reported each year between 2010 to 2019 on average, involving almost 7,000 deaths.

    Penang Road Transport Department (JPJ) cited several major offenses that lead to road accidents which also include overtaking the lane. Overtaking at dangerous spots can put your vehicle in danger. You are liable for fines should you overtake in prohibited areas.

    Therefore, you may refer to this article as we share safe times and ways to overtake.

    Safe ways to overtake the lane

    Don’t rush when driving and overtaking the lane. Be patient when you insist on overtaking the vehicle and indicate if you do so.

    Dapat lihat jelas di depan

    Drivers may not be able to see what’s in front when driving at these two spots.

    • Blind spot area
    Jangan memotong kenderaan lain di kawasan zon buta

    Do not overtake when you cannot see the road ahead, at a corner or a cross-road, or around a bend.

    Examples are slope areas, winding roads with trees and hill slopes, crooked bridges, or hilly roads. Such spots hinder the driver from seeing other upcoming vehicles from the front.

    Do not attempt to overtake in these areas as you may not have a clear view of what may come from the opposite.

    • Weather factor
    Cuaca hujan lebat membahayakan anda untuk memotong

    The weather can contribute to a potential collision if you cannot see upcoming vehicles when overtaking. Heavy rain or foggy weather can hamper your visibility. So are upcoming motorists from the opposite direction.

    On another note, do not attempt to overtake a heavy vehicle or other long heavy vehicles on a curve or hill as your visibility is reduced. You should only overtake when you feel safe to do so.

    Other than that, please also be reminded to avoid overtaking on double white lines. The lines are used to inform drivers of a hazard.

    Do not attempt to overtake if..

    Overtaking is not encouraged in the situations listed below:

    • Double white lines
    • The vehicle in front or behind you is overtaking another vehicle
    • Upcoming vehicles from the opposite direction are overtaking
    • There is a no overtaking signboard on the shoulder of the road
    • In small lane areas with high traffic flow
    • Special routes for buses, taxis and bicycles during peak hours (operating hours)
    • Temporary exit ramp to reduce traffic congestion
    • In school grounds, synagogues, hospitals, pedestrian crossings, or at intersections
    • In the construction area
    • Left lane or crosswind lane

    Give signal to other motorists

    Nyalakan signal sebelum memotong kenderaan lain

    Do overtake at safe areas for you to do so. Make sure to use your signal lights before you overtake to avoid possible crashes.

    In addition, please be considerate when driving on the road. Give sufficient room to other vehicles to maneuver or overtake safely.

    Safe drive

    Everyone wants to be able to reach their destinations on time. Thus, many will attempt to speed in order to reduce arrival time.

    However, please practice a safe drive to ensure your safety on the road, along with other motorists.

    Follow the traffic rules. Avoid overtaking at dangerous spots or during bad weather. As the proverb goes, better be safe than sorry.

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