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Can You Renew Roadtax with Outstanding Summons?

    Can You Renew Roadtax with Outstanding Summons?

    Purchasing a car comes with a responsibility that you must commit as a car owner. One of the duties is making sure to renew the car roadtax every year. Without these two, you cannot drive the car on the road as it would be illegal.

    Can you renew your car roadtax or insurance if you still have outstanding summons? Can you ignore the outstanding summons and renew it as usual? Or should you settle them first?

    These are among the common questions that most of us probably would always have in mind when we need to renew our car roadtax and insurance.

    Do not get confused. Let us explain in detail the matter in this article.

    Renew roadtax

    Can you renew with an outstanding summons?

    The answer is NO. You cannot renew your roadtax if you have outstanding summonses.

    During the renewal process, your outstanding summons and blacklist records will be reflected in The Road Transport Department (JPJ) and The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) database systems.

    Therefore you must make payment for all your outstanding traffic offences recorded in order to proceed with this renewal.

    What is a blacklisted summons?

    The JPJ blacklist is offenders/vehicles with summons that have been issued. Still, the offenders have failed to settle their fines after a specified period as decided by the authorities. 

    In most cases, people would get blacklist summons during roadblocks by JPJ/PDRM. Examples of offences are:

    • No driving license or expired license
    • Expired car roadtax and insurance
    • Do not use the seatbelt/helmet

    *If you were caught with POL.257 or JPJ (P) 22 Summons, immediately make payment. These two types of tickets can get you to be blacklisted.

    How to pay JPJ blacklisted summons?

    You can pay the outstanding blacklist summons online.


    • Visit the MyEG website.
    • Register an account to get access. Those who already have an account, please log in with the details previously listed.
    • Go to e-Services, and select the summons you want to check (PDRM, JPJ, or AES).
    • Provide the required details and proceed to online payment.


    The public can also register as a MyBayar Saman user using these:

    • PDRM Portal
    • Google Playstore
    • Apple store
    • Huawei Appstore

    Pay your outstanding summons to renew roadtax

    Please be a responsible driver and ensure your roadtax is valid all the time! Immediately clear out your summons to avoid harsher penalties by the authorities!

    We would like to share with you that you can conveniently renew your roadtax online. For your convenience, simply use Bjak to renew your car roadtax online. Roadtax renewal is a breeze when you use Bjak. 

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