Cracked Windscreen: Should You Repair or Replace?

Should you repair or replace your cracked windscreen?

Here we share some useful tips for your reference.


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Small chips or cracks in the windscreen are inevitable. There’s no way to ensure that you can avoid debris from hitting your windscreen, no matter how careful you are.

If you spot a crack on your windscreen, should you repair the crack to save you time and money? Or should you sort out the damage as quickly as possible for your safety?

Here’s how to determine whether or not you can fix your car’s cracked windscreen or if you should rather opt for a front windshield replacement.

Different types of windscreen cracks

Let us run down several types of cracks before getting any further.

1. Cracks – The cracks in car windscreens may be due to extreme temperatures, bad weather, and road debris. You can spot the cracks in which they will appear as a fine line in your windscreen.

2. Chips – A small chunk of glass has come out of the shield in windscreen chips. Usually, this is caused by pieces of rock or debris hitting the glass.

3. Bullseye – Bullseyes consist of a smaller circle, surrounded by a second, larger circle. It sort of looks like a circular chip with a cone in the outer layer of the glass. They are larger chips, where a piece of glass has been chipped out of the screen.

4. Stars – Stars are typically small chips with several cracks radiating out of their centre, making them resemble a star. Smaller star patterns can usually be fixed but may remain slightly visible.

5. Combination break – A combination break means your windscreen has been badly damaged. An example is the result of an accident.

When to repair the cracked windscreen

It depends on the factors like location, type, thickness, and size of the fissure or blemish.

The repair of a windscreen crack is only possible if it is smaller and shallow than 40mm in diameter. At the most, two chips can be repaired.

Tips before or when you repair your windshield:

1. Avoid dirt and water from seeping into the crack. Use clear packing tape to keep the moisture and dirt away from the crack.

2. Avoid temperature extremes. Please note that extreme cold is not good for a cracked windscreen. So, refrain from putting the air conditioner on high.

3.  Park your vehicle indoors to protect your vehicle the sun. Otherwise, the windscreen would heat up and allow the crack to expand.

4.  Drive your vehicle with full caution. This includes avoiding rough roads and steering clear of potholes. Besides, be careful when getting in or out of your car. Don’t slam the door or the trunk.

When to replace the cracked windscreen

There are some instances when it becomes very important to replace your windscreen. Sometimes, chips or smaller cracks can also lead to replacing your existing windshield.

Here is a quick guide to knowing when you should replace instead of trying to repair or fix the glass if the damage:

  • Impair your visibility to any degree or there are several chips/cracks
  • Longer than 14 inches or the chip/starburst/bull’s eye is larger than 3 inches
  • Near a corner or edge
  • or, if the inner layers of the glass have been reached in terms of depth

If the time comes when you need to replace or repair your car windscreen, you can claim to cover the cost, without affecting your No Claim Discount (NCD). However, please note that this depends on your insurer and your policy.

If windscreen coverage isn’t specified within your insurance policy, your NCD could well be affected and you may be liable to pay the full cost of the excess for the repairs or replacement.

How much does the windscreen cover cost?

To enjoy this coverage, the additional premium you have to pay is only 15% of the amount insured for your windscreen. For instance, if your windscreen is RM1,000, then you will only have to pay 15% of the amount or just RM150.

How to claim to fix cracked windscreen?

These are easy steps to claim from your insurance for windscreen repair or replacement:

1. Send your car to a panel workshop or repairer. Simply contact your insurer’s hotline to locate a panel workshop near you.

2. You may have to provide a copy of the following documents to the panel workshop for insurance claim purposes:

  • Vehicle owner’s identity car (MyKad)
  • Vehicle owner’s driving licence
  • Insurance cover note
  • Vehicle grant

3. The panel workshop will repair or replace your windscreen and manage your insurance claim directly with your insurer.

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