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How To Check Your Summons Online

    How To Check Your Summons Online

    Having outstanding traffic summons, be it JPJ, PDRM or DBKL, they are time-sensitive matters. Delaying it will only cost you a headache that comes with a pricier penalty over time. It’s 2022 – you do not have to wait in a long queue to pay them physically anymore. You can now check outstanding summons easily online. Let us share with you some of the various traffic summons and how you can check summons online if you have any and settle them easily.

    Common traffic offences

    The following are some various offences committed by motorists:

    How to check your summons online

    There are several portals at your disposal for you to check for any incurred summons and make payment for them. 

    Here we share how you can do it easily online!


    How to check your summons online

    MyEG is a one-stop government e-service platform that provides a variety of services for your convenience. These services do include checking for any incurred fines (PDRM, JPJ, AES) and settling them at one location.

    Steps to check:

    • Visit the MyEG website at
    • Register an account to get access. Those who already have an account, please log in with the details previously listed.
    • Go to e-Services, select the summons you want to check (PDRM, JPJ, or AES).
    • Provide the required details and proceed to online payment.

    JPJ Portal

    You can check if you have any outstanding JPJ summons. In addition to checking the JPJ summons on this portal, you may also check the AES (Automated Enforcement System) summons.

    Steps to check:

    • Visit the JPJ website and click “Semak Saman JPJ
    • Key in your MyKad number and vehicle registration number
    • Your summons details (JPJ, AES) will be displayed

    *Note: You may make the payments online using e-Services or at any nearby JPJ branches.


    How to check your summons online

    MyBayar Saman is initiated by the PDRM to diversify online payment channels for the public’s convenience. You may check and pay for JPJ and PDRM summons online with no charges incurred.

    Steps to check:

    • Visit MyBayar Saman website and register an account
    • Fill in details (MyKad number, full name, address, etc) for registration purposes
    • Upon registration, log into MyBayar Saman using your ID user
    • You will receive the details of your pending summons

    The public can also register as MyBayar Saman user using these:


    How to check your summons online

    You may check for your PDRM, JPJ and DBKL summons using this government-run website, RILEK.

    Steps to check:

    • Visit the website (RILEK) to register as a new user
    • Upon registration, log into the website using your ID user and password
    • Click “Search By” and choose summons check
    • Fill in the required details
    • Your pending summons will be displayed shortly

    *Note: You can make payments online through online banking services in Malaysia such as RHB, Maybank, CIMB, etc.

    Check summons via SMS

    You may check the JPJ summons or check the police summons through the Short Message Service (SMS) service. However, each SMS sent will cost you 15 sen.

    Steps to check:

    • PDRM summons

    Type POLIS <space> SAMAN <space> MyKad number or vehicle registration number and send to 15888 or 32728

    • JPJ summons

    Type JPJ <space> SAMAN <space> MyKad number or vehicle registration number and send to 15888 or 32728


    You may check and pay for PDRM summons online using the PDRM-initiated system

    Steps to check:

    • Visit the SSO website to register a new account
    • Fill in details such as MyKad number, full name, address, etc
    • Upon registration, log into SSO PDRM using your ID user
    • Click “Search By” at the dropdown menu and choose “Status Saman
    • Your outstanding summons details will be displayed

    Make sure to check your summons online, avoid pending payment

    Please be a responsible driver and ensure to clear out your outstanding summons if you incur any! Don’t let your outstanding summons be a hindrance to ensuring your roadtax is renewed on time.

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