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How To Deal With Road Bullies

    How To Deal With Road Bullies

    Road bullies are inevitable. You will find them anywhere, causing rage on the road. No matter how much of a safe driver you are – you can’t escape them.

    Running into their kind would be a sore, and more, if you have to deal with them. Yes, it is frustrating and intimidating. We know that. So what can you do if you ever cross paths with them in the future?

    Please know your rights and what can you do when dealing with such a situation.

    Read on as we give a tidbit of what you can do!

    Why are road bullying cases happening?

    According to an expert, the increasing number of road bullying cases is more influenced by the perpetrator’s personality than mental health factors.

    “These cases are driven by their personalities. They either exist because of the stress and failure to handle them well.

    “They may also be caused by genetics too. Those who are exposed to acts of violence including road bullying,” said psychologist Prof Dr Mohamad Hussain Habil.

    As a result of the bullies, some victims suffered severe damage to their vehicles and even suffered bodily injuries. Their rages on the road will lead to traffic jams and cause disturbance to other road users.

    Actions to be taken when dealing with street bullies

    Here we lay down guidance – what can you do when dealing with road bullies as stated by the Road Transport Department (RTD):

    1. Give room to other drivers who wants to overtake the lane

    2. Stay calm. Control your emotions and avoid making eye contact or displaying any inappropriate action.

    *Note: An eye-contact may signal different messages and be falsely interpreted as provoking sign.

    3. Keep a safe distance between cars. Do not tailgate the vehicle in front of you.

    4. Lodge a police report with evidence to support your report. An example is a dashcam video recording the related incident.

    Be a responsible road user

    Please be reminded that we are not the only user on the road.

    Be tolerant for mutual safety. Avoid creating provocation that may endanger the surrounding on the road.

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