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No Driving Licence: Can You Claim Insurance For Motorcycle Theft?

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    In Malaysia, motorcycles are the most stolen vehicles compared to cars and lorries. About 6,057 motorcycle theft were recorded in 2020. The amount is higher than cars (4,596) and heavy vehicles (925). In the event of accidental motorcycle theft, the owner can file a claim from their insurer.

    However, what happens if the owner does not possess a driving licence? Are they still eligible to file a claim? Read on as we explain further regarding the concern in question.

    Requirements to file for a motorcycle theft claim

    You need to meet the following requirements before proceeding with the claim.

    1. Purchase a comprehensive insurance policy or third-party, fire and theft policy
    2. Insurance and road tax is still valid
    3. Possess a valid motorcycle licence

    No driving licence: Can you claim insurance for motorcycle theft?

    Referring to the requirements above, you need to ensure you have a valid licence to avoid claim denial. Therefore, if you do not have a licence at the time of the incident (theft), your insurer has the right to reject your claim application.

    In a nutshell, a person cannot claim insurance if the person does not have a valid licence.

    Under Section 26 (1) of the Road Transport Act (APJ), you are liable for a fine of up to RM300. In addition, your vehicle can be confiscated if you are found to be driving without a licence.

    Necessary documents for a motorcycle theft claim

    1. Copy of MyKad
    2. Copy of valid driving licence
    3. Police report
    4. Insurance policy
    5. Spare key of the motorcycle

    Get a valid driving licence

    Lesen memandu diperlukan oleh semua pemilik kenderaan

    Please ensure that you have a valid licence. The absence of a driving licence will land you in serious trouble in case of emergencies, be it theft or an accident.

    The estimated price of driving licences for motorcycles and cars are as follows:

    Licence typeClassPrice
    MotorcycleB2RM350 – RM450
    MotorcycleBRM900 – RM1,100
    Manual carDRM1,150 – RM1,300
    Automatic carDARM1,250 – RM1,500

    Please refer to our previous article to get further information regarding the steps to get a driving licence for your reference.

    On another note, we would like to advise you to obtain the licence through the proper channel. Do not be fooled by such a scam that offers a shortcut to get the licence such as the ‘lesen terbang’ syndicate.

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