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Roadtax Renewal: Necessary Documents Checklist

    documents for roadtax renewal

    Roadtax is obligatory for all car owners. Hence, they are subject to renew it before it expires.

    The allowable renewal period is six months or 12 months. You can choose to renew it using both online and offline streams. Please note that you will have to present several essential documents during the renewal.

    Let us go lay down some documents that you should prepare!

    Where can you renew the roadtax?

    To your knowledge, you can either renew road tax online or offline.

    Offline roadtax renewal

    JPJ branches

    The following vehicles are required to renew road tax at the JPJ branch:

    1. Commercial vehicles
    2. Vehicles with expired road tax exceeding 3 years (you need to do a PUSPAKOM check-up)
    3. Death of the car owner (road tax renewal is allowed for a period of 6 months only)

    Post office

    You can renew your road tax at any Malaysia Post Office branch.

    Online roadtax renewal

    Online renewal through Bjak

    You can renew your road tax and insurance simultaneously with Bjak – save time and penny.

    Roadtax renewal at MySikap

    MySikap is developed by JPJ to facilitate the following affairs:

    • Road tax or licence renewal
    • Exchange of vehicle ownership
    • Purchase of updated registration vehicle number per state
    • Summons check-up

    Documents to bring for roadtax renewal

    pembaharuan roadtax kereta

    The renewal procedure is simple and does not require complicated steps. These are the following documents that you need to bring when renewing them at the post office or JPJ branch.

    Renewed insurance paperwork

    First thing first, ensure that your car insurance is already renewed. Please note that you cannot proceed with road tax renewal without valid insurance.

    You may not have to bring the insurance document to the post office or JPJ branch. The staff in charge will be able to check your insurance status online. Easier for you!

    Original copy of MyKad

    Please make sure to bring the original copy of your MyKad. It is necessary to display the MyKad whether you are present as the car owner or on behalf of the owner.

    Vehicle registration number and owner’s number ID

    Make sure you provide the correct plate number with the number of MyKad. Otherwise, it will cause complications during the renewal process.

    Ensure your car roadtax is valid at all times

    Avoid getting summonsed for RM150!

    Make sure your car has a valid road tax. Putting off the renewal can land you in trouble in the future. Activate it before it hits the expiration date. Don’t forget to bring the necessary documents when renewing the roadtax.

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