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Safety Tips For Driving In Heavy Rain

    Safety Tips For Driving In Heavy Rain

    Driving in heavy downpours can be tricky to maneuver. You may, unfortunately, run into the untoward event due to reduced visibility, slippery roads, and such. In this article, Bjak would like to share several safety tips for driving safely through heavy rain.

    Safety tips for driving in rainy weather

    Turn on car lights

    Nyalakan lampu kereta untuk membantu pengguna lain sedar keberadaan anda

    Your visibility may hinder due to the bad weather. Take a precautionary step by making sure to turn on your car lights.

    The car lights (headlights and tail lamps) ensure that other drivers see you, even in reduced visibility. This is crucial to prevent possible hazards.

    Slow down the car

    Jangan memandu dengan laju ketika hujan

    Drizzle or heavy rain causes the oils and other fluids sitting on the pavement to rise to the surface, making the road more slippery.

    Do not drive at a speed that is greater than is reasonable. Drive prudently according to the conditions. Do not also be self-center and ignore other road users.

    Drive at a slow pace to avoid any untoward events on the road. An example is a road crash with another vehicle.

    Practice safe distance

    Pastikan jarak kereta anda dengan kereta di hadapan adalah selamat

    Avoid tailgating another vehicle. It is dangerous because you have little time to slow down if the driver abruptly brakes.

    Every driver needs to be able to stop quickly to avoid a collision if the car in front stops suddenly. The slippery road conditions can make it more difficult for a vehicle to stop on time.

    Please ensure to keep a safe driving distance when driving in rainy weather.

    Use wiper

    Pastikan getah wiper masih baik

    Wipers allow you to be able to see and increase your field of vision when driving in variable weather conditions. Therefore, make sure to keep the wiper blades in good condition.

    Replacing your old wiper blades is essential as they will become less effective and eventually lead to windshield damage.

    It is dangerous to drive with faulty windscreen wipers. They can reduce your visibility which puts you and other motorists at risk. You should get into the habit of checking the wipers regularly. Learn to know what signs to look out for as they begin to wear out for your safety.

    Avoid potholes

    Jangan melanggar lopak air kerana boleh membahayakan pemanduan anda

    Beware of potholes filled with water. They can be especially dangerous because you don’t know the depth until you hit them. Therefore, slow down your vehicle when driving over potholes.

    Hitting these potholes can cause you to lose control of your vehicle. In addition, it may also damage your car parts like the exhaust, wheel, tyres, and others.

    Press the brake pedal slowly

    Guna brek pada masa yang tepat apabila memandu ketika hujan

    Avoid pressing the brake pedal frequently. It is dangerous for you and another driver as well. It may lead to a possible rear-end collision.

    Be considerate to other road users as well.

    Check the traffic info

    Pasang aplikasi seperti Waze untuk panduan perjalanan

    Rain causes traffic jams for so many reasons. Poor visibility and slippery road surfaces cause drivers to slow down.

    Therefore, plan your trip ahead to avoid the congested road. You can use any application to get updated on the road traffic.

    For example, Waze.

    Practice safe drive during rainy weather

    Driving in rainy weather can be hard to maneuver due to low visibility on slippery roads. It is best to avoid going out in such weather. However, such weather is inevitable on the days that we need to head out.

    We hope you find these tips helpful for you to practice for safety on the road. Remember, drive safely and do not over speed. Your behaviour on the road may either save or jeopardise other’ people’s lives. You can always choose to be a prudent driver!

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