Insurance Claim: Can You Claim If Your Car Crashes Into A Divider?

What are the conditions to do an insurance claim if the car is involved in a single-vehicle accident?

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Vehicle drivers are vulnerable to various hazardous accidents when on the road. Anything could happen in a blink of an eye. In addition to the risk of an accident being hit by other road users, we can also be involved in a single-vehicle accident.

A single-vehicle accident involves just one car. It could result from a vehicle hitting a road divider. However, can you claim to repair your car damage in a such situation?

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Learn the types of insurance coverages

Before that, let us review the types of insurance policies available along with the forms of coverage provided by insurance companies for your knowledge:

types of insurance coverages

Based on the visual above, the only insurance that provides coverage to repair own car damage due to one’s own negligence/ accident is a comprehensive type of insurance policy.

If you are a comprehensive policyholder, you may claim insurance to repair your car damage (caused by your negligence).

Except for comprehensive coverage, the other insurance policy types do not allow you to claim for your car damage. You will have to cover the cost of the damage using your money.

Which type of claim allows you to claim for car damage?

Tuntutan boleh dibuat sekiranya anda adalah pemegang polisi komprehensif sahaja.

Single-vehicle accidents do not involve other road users and are caused by the owner’s negligence. Therefore you will have to claim under Own Damage Claim under your comprehensive policy.

However, your NCD will return to 0% automatically after you claim. As a result, the premium for your next insurance renewal will soar.

Can you claim insurance if other drivers drive your car?

What if the accident was caused by the other driver, not the vehicle owner? Can the owner claim insurance? Let’s refer to the example below to understand the situation.


Salmah drove Liza’s car to go to work. On her way to her office, she crashes into a road divider resulting in Liza’s car suffering severe damage. Can Liza, as the car owner, claim insurance to repair her car damage caused by Salmah?

The answer is YES.

The vehicle owner can claim to her insurer on the condition that she is a comprehensive policyholder.

But note that the owner is required to pay an excess amount of RM400 if the involved driver is not named as an authorized driver in her insurance policy.

Steps to claim insurance for single-vehicle accident

Steps to make an insurance claim to repair your car damage resulting from hitting the road divider.

  1. Dial your insurer’s hotline if your car suffers damage and need towing service
  2. Immediately lodge a police report within 24 hours
  3. Send your car to the panel workshop to facilitate the claim process
  4. Provide documents (claim form, copy of police report/MyKad/driving licence/car grant)
  5. Check with the insurance company regarding overhaul spare parts made by the panel workshop
  6. Sign the insurance company’s clearance form upon completion

Understand the form of coverage provided

As per the explanation, each insurance policy offers different types of coverage. There is only one type of policy that allows you to make an insurance claim in the event of an accident yourself, which is a comprehensive policy.

Therefore, make sure you understand the policy plan provided by the insurer to prevent any confusion, mainly during the claim process.

We advise you to get adequate coverage for your car. For example, get a comprehensive policy if you are eligible. We also advise you to seek additional protection that is deemed necessary to avoid financial strain in the event of any untoward incident.

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