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Latest Windscreen Price Lists (2022) – More Than 30 Car Brands!

    Car windscreen price lists - cover

    Why you should know the windscreen price lists?

    Knowing the windscreen price lists can allow you to estimate the amount of your windscreen coverage. You will be able to calculate your premium when renewing insurance.

    The followings are the latest windscreen price lists for various car brands in Malaysia.

    Windscreen price lists for Perodua

    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    Perodua AxiaRM600RM90
    Perodua MyviRM600RM90
    Perodua Myvi (2018+)RM800RM120
    Perodua Myvi Advanced (2018+)RM1000RM150
    Perodua AlzaRM700RM105
    Perodua BezzaRM700RM105
    Perodua Bezza (Camera) (2020+)RM1000RM150
    Perodua Aruz (Camera)RM1200RM180
    Perodua Aruz (tanpa Sensor)RM1100RM165
    Perodua AtivaRM1200RM180
    Perodua VivaRM600RM90
    Perodua KembaraRM600RM90
    Perodua KancilRM500RM75
    Perodua KelisaRM600RM90
    Perodua KenariRM600RM90
    Perodua RusaRM600RM90
    Perodua NauticaRM600RM90


    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    Proton PreveRM1200RM180
    Proton IrizRM1200RM180
    Proton X50RM1500RM225
    Proton X50 CameraRM2000RM450
    Proton X70RM1500RM225
    Proton X70 CameraRM2000RM450
    Proton ErtigaRM1500RM225
    Proton Saga BLM / FLXRM600RM90
    Proton Saga / IswaraRM600RM90
    Proton Saga vvt (2016+)RM800RM120
    Proton ExoraRM800RM120
    Proton WiraRM600RM90
    Proton SatriaRM600RM90
    Proton Satria NeoRM800RM120
    Proton WajaRM600RM90
    Proton JuaraRM600RM90
    Proton Suprema SRM1200RM180
    Proton PerdanaRM1000RM150
    Proton Perdana (2012-2016)RM2000RM300
    Proton Perdana (2017+)RM2000RM300
    Proton InspiraRM2000RM300
    Proton Gen2RM600RM90
    Proton Persona (2011-2017)RM600RM90
    Proton Persona (2018+)RM1200RM180


    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    Honda ElysionRM4000RM600
    Honda FreedRM2000RM300
    Honda CRV S10RM1000RM150
    Honda CRV S9ARM1000RM150
    Honda CRV WQ (2007-2012)RM1500RM225
    Honda CRV (2009-2016)RM1500RM225
    Honda CRV (2017+)RM2000RM300
    Honda InsightRM6000RM900
    Honda City MN (2003-2008)RM1000RM150
    Honda City 2px (2009-2013)RM1500RM225
    Honda City (2014-2020)RM1500RM225
    Honda City (2021+)RM2000RM300
    Honda Accord S84 (1999-2004)RM1000RM150
    Honda Accord UA (2004-2007)RM1000RM150
    Honda Accord (2008-2013)RM2000RM300
    Honda Accord (2014+)RM2000RM300
    Honda Accord Sensing (2017+)RM3000RM450
    Honda Accord (2020+)RM2500RM375
    Honda Accord Sensing (2020+)RM3000RM450
    Honda CRZRM5000RM750
    Honda Civic UH (2005-2011)RM1500RM225
    Honda Civic FB (2011-2016)RM2000RM300
    Honda Civic (2016-2020)RM2000RM300
    Honda Civic (2021+)RM2000RM300
    Honda Jazz (2006-2009)RM1000RM150
    Honda Jazz (2009-2014)RM1500RM225
    Honda Jazz (2014+)RM1500RM225
    Honda Stream (2000-2006)RM1500RM225
    Honda Stream RN6 (2006+)RM5000RM750
    Honda Odyssey RA6 (2002-2004)RM2000RM300
    Honda Odyssey RB1-2 (2004-2008)RM2000RM300
    Honda Odyssey RB3-4 (2008-2013)RM2000RM300
    Honda Odyssey RC1 (2013+)RM5000RM750
    Honda HRVRM1500RM225
    Honda BRVRM1500RM225
    Honda Jazz (2009-2014)RM1500RM225
    Honda Jazz (2014+)RM1500RM225


    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    Toyota Vios (2002-2006)RM800RM120
    Toyota Vios (2007-2014)RM1000RM150
    Toyota Vios (2014-2018)RM1000RM150
    Toyota Vios (2019+)RM1500RM225
    Toyota Vios Sensing (2019+)RM1500RM225
    Toyota AvanzaRM1000RM150
    Toyota Avanza (2019+)RM1500RM225
    Toyota Unser (1998-2001)RM1000RM150
    Toyota Unser (2001-2005)RM1000RM150
    Toyota Camry CV35RM800RM120
    Toyota Camry CV20RM800RM120
    Toyota Camry CV31RM800RM120
    Toyota Camry ACV40RM2000RM300
    Toyota Camry ACV51RM2000RM300
    Toyota Camry XV70RM2500RM375
    Toyota Camry XV70 (Sensor / Camera)RM3000RM450
    Toyota Altis (2006-2008)RM1000RM150
    Toyota Altis (2009-2014)RM2000RM300
    Toyota Altis (2014-2019)RM2000RM300
    Toyota Altis (2019+)RM3000RM450
    Toyota Corolla Cross (2021+)RM3000RM450
    Toyota RushRM1500RM225
    Toyota Innova (2004-2015)RM1200RM180
    Toyota Innova (2019+)RM2000RM300
    Toyota RAV4 (2013-2019)RM3000RM450
    Toyota RAV4 (2020+)RM4000RM600
    Toyota CaldinaRM3000RM450
    Toyota Hi-Lux (2004-2015)RM1000RM150
    Toyota Hi-Lux (2015+)RM2000RM300
    Toyota Fortuner (2004-2015)RM1000RM150
    Toyota Fortuner (2015-2020)RM2000RM300
    Toyota Fortuner (2021)RM2000RM300
    Toyota Wish (2003-2009)RM1500RM225
    Toyota Wish (2012+)RM3000RM450
    Toyota Alphard ANH10 (2002-2008)RM3000RM450
    Toyota Vellfire AGH20 (2008-2015)RM3500RM525
    Toyota Vellfire GGH30 (2015+)RM4000RM600
    Toyota Harrier (2008-2011)RM2000RM300
    Toyota Harrier (2004-2012)RM3000RM450
    Toyota Harrier (2013-2020)RM4000RM600
    Toyota Harrier (2021+)RM5000RM750
    Toyota PriusRM2500RM375
    Toyota Prius CRM2000RM300
    Toyota CHRRM2500RM375
    Toyota Yaris (2019+)RM1500RM225
    Toyota Estima ACR30 (2000-2005)RM3000RM450
    Toyota Estima ACR50 (2006+)RM3500RM525
    Toyota SientaRM2000RM300
    Toyota 86RM3000RM450
    Toyota Mark XRM3000RM450
    Toyota Crown S210 (2012+)RM4000RM600
    Toyota FJ Cruiser XJ10RM4000RM600
    Toyota LexusRM4000RM600
    Toyota Landcruiser Prado J120 (2002-2009)RM3000RM450
    Toyota Landcruiser Prado J150 (2009+)RM4000RM600
    Toyota GR SupraRM6000RM900


    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    Nissan AlmeraRM1200RM180
    Nissan Grand LivinaRM1500RM225
    Nissan Teana J32 (2008–2013)RM2000RM300
    Nissan Teana J33 (2013-2020)RM2000RM300
    Nissan SylphyRM2000RM300
    Nissan X-trail T30 (2000-2007)RM1200RM180
    Nissan X-trail T31 (2007-2013)RM1500RM225
    Nissan X-trail T32 (2013+)RM3000RM450
    Nissan Sentra B14RM1000RM150
    Nissan Sentra N16RM1200RM180
    Nissan FrontierRM1500RM225
    Nissan LatioRM1500RM225
    Nissan Cefiro A31RM1500RM225
    Nissan Cefiro A32RM1500RM225
    Nissan Cefiro A33RM1500RM225
    Nissan Navara D22RM1500RM225
    Nissan Navara D40RM1500RM225
    Nissan JukeRM3000RM450
    Nissan ElgrandRM5000RM750
    Nissan Urvan E25RM2000RM300
    Nissan X-GearRM2000RM300
    Nissan FairladyRM8000RM1200
    Nissan GTR R34RM8000RM1200
    Nissan GTR R35 (Sensor)RM10000RM1500
    Nissan GTR R36RM10000RM1500
    Nissan GTR R35 (No Sensor)RM10000RM1500
    Nissan YU41 / UD41RM800RM120
    Nissan Vanette C22RM700RM105
    Nissan Serena C23RM1000RM150
    Nissan Serena C24RM1000RM150
    Nissan Serena C25RM1200RM180
    Nissan Serena C26 HybridRM2000RM300
    Nissan Serena C27RM2500RM375
    Nissan MuranoRM4000RM600
    Nissan KickRM2000RM300


    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    BMW E39 5 SERIESRM2000RM300
    BMW E60 5 SERIESRM2500RM375
    BMW F10 5 SERIESRM2500RM375
    BMW G30 5 SERIES (2016+)RM2500RM375
    BMW E90 3 SERIESRM2500RM375
    BMW F30 3 SERIESRM2500RM375
    BMW G20 3 SERIES (2018+)RM4000RM600
    BMW X1 (2009-2015)RM3000RM450
    BMW X1 (2015+)RM3000RM450
    BMW X2 F39 (2018+)RM4000RM600
    BMW X3 (2003-2009)RM3000RM450
    BMW X3 (2010-2016)RM3000RM450
    BMW X3 (2018+)RM3000RM450
    BMW X4 (2014-2018)RM3000RM450
    BMW X4 (2018+)RM6000RM900
    BMW X5 (2013-2017)RM4000RM600
    BMW X5 (2018+)RM4000RM600
    BMW X6RM3000RM450
    BMW X6 G06 (2020+)RM5000RM750
    BMW X7 G07 (2018+)RM5000RM750
    BMW Z4 E89RM3500RM525
    BMW Z4 G29RM4000RM600
    BMW I8RM8000RM1200
    BMW X7 G07 (2018+)RM5000RM750
    BMW Z4 E89RM3500RM525
    BMW Z4 G29RM4000RM600

    Mercedes Benz

    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    Mercedes S Class W220 (1999-2005)RM6000RM900
    Mercedes S Class W221 (2006-2012)RM4000RM600
    Mercedes S Class W222 (2013+)RM8000RM1200
    Mercedes A Class W169 (2002-2017)RM2500RM375
    Mercedes A Class W177 (2018+)RM2500RM375
    Mercedes B Class W245 (2005-2011)RM3000RM450
    Mercedes B Class W246 (2012+)RM3000RM450
    Mercedes C Class W203 (2001-2007)RM3000RM450
    Mercedes C Class W204 (2008-2013)RM3000RM450
    Mercedes C Class W205 (2014+)RM3000RM450
    Mercedes E Class W210 (1995-2001)RM4000RM600
    Mercedes E Class W211 (2002-2008)RM3000RM450
    Mercedes E Class W212 (2009-2016)RM4000RM600
    Mercedes E Class W213 (2017+)RM4000RM600
    Mercedes CLS W218 (2004-2010)RM3000RM450
    Mercedes CLS W219 (2011-2017)RM3000RM450
    Mercedes GLC X253 (2011-2019)RM3000RM450
    Mercedes M-GLASS W163 (1997-2005)RM3000RM450
    Mercedes M-GLASS W164 (2005-2011)RM3000RM450
    Mercedes GLE (2005-2011)RM4000RM600
    Mercedes GLE 43 (2019+)RM6000RM900
    Mercedes SLK (2004-2010)RM3000RM450
    Mercedes SLK (2011-2019)RM3000RM450
    Mercedes CLA C117 (2013-2018)RM3000RM450
    Mercedes CLA C118 (2019+)RM4000RM600
    Mercedes AMG CLA 45 (2013+)RM3000RM450
    Mercedes Spinter W903 (2013+)RM2500RM375
    Mercedes GLA C117RM3000RM450
    Mercedes G-CLASS WDB463RM9000RM1350


    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    Audi A4 B5RM3000RM450
    Audi A4 B6RM3000RM450
    Audi A4 B7RM4000RM600
    Audi A4 B8RM4000RM600
    Audi S5RM4000RM600
    Audi RS5RM4000RM600
    Audi RS5RM4000RM600
    Audi A6 C5RM3000RM450
    Audi A6 C6RM3000RM450
    Audi A6 C7RM4000RM600
    Audi A6 C8 (2018-New)RM5000RM750
    Audi A7RM5000RM750
    Audi A8 (2002-2009)RM4000RM600
    Audi A8 (2011-2017)RM5000RM750
    Audi A8 (2018-New)RM5000RM750
    Audi R8 (2006-2015)RM4000RM600
    Audi R8 (2015-New)RM5000RM750
    Audi Q3RM4000RM600
    Audi Q5RM5000RM750
    Audi Q7RM5000RM750
    Audi S4 B6RM4000RM600
    Audi S4 B7RM4000RM600
    Audi S4 B8RM5000RM750
    Audi S4 B9RM5000RM750
    Audi TTRM4000RM600
    Audi TTSRM5000RM750
    Audi TTRSRM5000RM750


    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    Hyundai i10RM1200RM180
    Hyundai AccentRM1000RM150
    Hyundai StarexRM2000RM300
    Hyundai Elantra (2011-2016)RM2000RM300
    Hyundai Elantra (2016+)RM2000RM300
    Hyundai GetzRM1200RM180
    Hyundai MatrixRM1200RM180
    Hyundai AtosRM1000RM150
    Hyundai Sonata EFRM2000RM300
    Hyundai Sonata NFRM2000RM300
    Hyundai Sonata YFRM2000RM300
    Hyundai TrajetRM1500RM225
    Hyundai TucsonRM2500RM375
    Hyundai SantaFe 06-2012 (Sensor)RM3000RM450
    Hyundai SantaFe 06-2012 (No Sensor)RM2500RM375
    Hyundai Ioniq (No Sensor)RM2500RM375
    Hyundai Ioniq (Sensor)RM2800RM420


    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    Mazda 2RM2500RM375
    Mazda 3 (2008-2013)RM2500RM375
    Mazda 3 (2014+)RM2500RM375
    Mazda 5RM2500RM375
    Mazda 6RM2500RM375
    Mazda CX3RM2500RM375
    Mazda CX-30 (2019+)RM3500RM525
    Mazda CX5 (2012-2017)RM2000RM300
    Mazda CX5 Auto Brek (2017+)RM2500RM375
    Mazda CX5 (2017+)RM2200RM330
    Mazda CX7RM2500RM375
    Mazda CX9RM2500RM375
    Mazda MPV LW (1999-2006)RM2500RM375
    Mazda MPV LY (2006-2016)RM2500RM375
    Mazda RX8RM2000RM300
    Mazda BianteRM2500RM375
    Mazda BT50RM2500RM375
    Mazda 6RM2500RM375


    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    Ford FiestaRM1500RM225
    Ford FocusRM2000RM300
    Ford MondeoRM2500RM375
    Ford S-MaxRM5000RM750
    Ford Focus (4 Sensors)RM5000RM750
    Ford RangerRM2000RM300
    Ford Ranger (Sensor)RM2000RM300
    Ford EverestRM3000RM450
    Ford KugaRM3000RM450
    Ford EcosportRM3000RM450
    Ford MustangRM8000RM1200

    Range Rover

    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    Range Rover AutobiographyRM8000RM1200
    Range Rover Sport L320RM5000RM750
    Range Rover Sport L494RM7000RM1050
    Range Rover Evoque (2012+)RM5000RM750
    Range Rover FreelanderRM1500RM225
    Range Rover Defender 110RM1500RM225


    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    Mitsubishi L200RM1200RM180
    Mitsubishi GrandisRM2000RM300
    Mitsubishi Lancer 10RM2000RM300
    Mitsubishi Lancer 10 (sensor)RM3000RM450
    Mitsubishi MirageRM2000RM300
    Mitsubishi AsxRM3000RM450
    Mitsubishi Outlander (2005-2015)RM1200RM180
    Mitsubishi Outlander (2016+)RM4000RM600
    Mitsubishi TritonRM1500RM225
    Mitsubishi AirtrekRM3000RM450
    Mitsubishi FusoRM800RM120
    Mitsubishi PajeroRM800RM120
    Mitsubishi AttrageRM1000RM150


    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    Volkswagen PoloRM2000RM300
    Volkswagen Polo SedanRM2000RM300
    Volkswagen Golf Mk5RM2000RM300
    Volkswagen Golf Mk6RM2000RM300
    Volkswagen Golf Mk7RM2000RM300
    Volkswagen PassatRM2000RM300
    Volkswagen Passat CCRM2000RM300
    Volkswagen BeetleRM3000RM450
    Volkswagen SciroccoRM2500RM375
    Volkswagen JettaRM3000RM450
    Volkswagen TouranRM2000RM300
    Volkswagen TiguanRM3000RM450
    Volkswagen SharanRM3000RM450
    Volkswagen VentoRM3000RM450

    Naza/ Kia

    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    Kia OptimaRM2000RM300
    Kia PicantoRM2000RM300
    Kia Spectra / Kia SephiaRM1000RM150
    Kia SportageRM2000RM300
    Kia / Naza ForteRM2000RM300
    Kia RioRM2000RM300
    Naza SuteraRM1500RM225
    Kia Optima K5RM2500RM375
    Kia Cerato K3RM2200RM330
    Kia Grand Carnival (2016-present)RM2500RM375


    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    Suzuki Swift (2004-2010)RM1500RM225
    Suzuki Swift (2010-2017)RM1500RM225
    Suzuki APVRM1500RM225
    Suzuki SRM1500RM225
    Suzuki SX4 S-CrossRM3500RM525
    Suzuki AltoRM1500RM225


    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    Porsche Cayanne (2002-2009)RM6000RM900
    Porsche Cayanne (2010-2017)RM6000RM900
    Porsche Cayanne (2018+)RM5000RM750
    Porsche MacanRM7000RM1050
    Porsche Macan (Camera)RM8000RM1200
    Porsche 911 Carerra (1997-2006)RM5000RM750
    Porsche 911 Carerra (2005-2012)RM5000RM750
    Porsche 911 Carerra S (2012-2019)RM6000RM900
    Porsche Boxster (2012-2016)RM8000RM750
    Porsche Boxster (2017+)RM8000RM900
    Porsche Cayman (2006-2012)RM6000RM900
    Porsche Cayman (2013-2016)RM8000RM1200
    Porsche 718 Cayman (2017+)RM8000RM1200
    Porsche Panamera (2009-2015)RM8000RM1200
    Porsche Panamera (2016+)RM8000RM1200


    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    Citroen C1 (2005-2014)RM5000RM750
    Citroen C1 (2014+)RM5000RM750
    Citroen C2RM5000RM750
    Citroen C3 (2002-2008)RM5000RM750
    Citroen C3 (2009-2015)RM5000RM750
    Citroen C3 (2016+)RM5000RM750
    Citroen C4 (2010-2019)RM5000RM750
    Citroen C5 (2001-2007)RM5000RM750
    Citroen JumperRM5000RM750
    Citroen JumpyRM5000RM750
    Citroen Berlingo B9 (2008+)RM5000RM750
    Citroen DS3RM3000RM450
    Citroen DS4 (2016-2018)RM5000RM750
    Citroen DS5RM5000RM750
    Citroen DS6 (2014+)RM5000RM750
    Citroen DS7RM5000RM750
    Citroen C8RM5000RM750


    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    Ferrari CaliforniaRM25000RM3750


    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    Subaru Forester SJ (2014-2018)RM3000RM450
    Subaru Forester SJ (Sensor)RM5000RM750
    Subaru Forester SK (2019+)RM3000RM450
    Subaru XVRM2000RM300


    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    Peugeot 206RM1200RM180
    Peugeot 207RM2000RM300
    Peugeot 208RM2000RM300
    Peugeot 308RM3000RM450
    Peugeot 3008 (2009-2017)RM2000RM300
    Peugeot 3008 (2018+)RM3500RM525
    Peugeot 5008 (2009-2017)RM2000RM300
    Peugeot 5008 (2018+)RM3500RM525
    Peugeot 407RM2500RM375
    Peugeot 408RM2000RM300
    Peugeot 508RM2000RM300
    Peugeot TravellerRM3000RM450


    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    Suzuki Swift (2004-2010)RM1500RM225
    Suzuki Swift (2010-2017)RM1500RM225
    Suzuki APVRM1500RM225
    Suzuki SRM1500RM225
    Suzuki SX4 S-CrossRM3500RM525
    Suzuki AltoRM1500RM225


    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    Chevrolet MalibuRM4000RM600
    Chevrolet CruzeRM2000RM300
    Chevrolet NabiraRM2000RM300
    Chevrolet OrlandoRM2000RM300
    Chevrolet ColoradoRM2000RM300
    Chevrolet SonicRM2000RM300


    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    Volvo V40RM2500RM375
    Volvo V90RM2500RM375
    Volvo S60RM2500RM375
    Volvo S90RM2500RM375
    Volvo XC40RM2500RM375
    Volvo XC60RM3000RM450
    Volvo S40RM2500RM375
    Volvo S80RM4000RM600
    Volvo XC90RM8000RM1200
    Volvo S90RM8000RM1200


    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    Lexus IS XE10 (2013+)RM3000RM450
    Lexus LS XF40 (2006-2017)RM3000RM450
    Lexus LS XF50 (2017+)RM3500RM525
    Lexus ES XV60 (2012-2017)RM2500RM375
    Lexus ES XZ10 (2018+)RM3000RM450
    Lexus NX AZ10 (2014+)RM4000RM600
    Lexus RX AL20 (2015+)RM3500RM525
    Lexus CT ZWA10RM2500RM375
    Lexus LX J200 (2007+)RM4000RM600
    Lexus UX MZAH10 (2020+)RM3000RM450
    Lexus GS L10 (2010+)RM3000RM450
    Lexus LM350 (2021+)RM6000RM900


    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    Maserati 3200RM12000RM3000
    Maserati 4200RM15000RM2250
    Maserati Ghibli (2014-2016)RM10000RM1500
    Maserati Ghibli (2017+)RM12000RM1800
    Maserati GranCabrioRM15000RM2250
    Maserati GranTurismoRM15000RM2250
    Maserati LevanteRM12000RM1800
    Maserati Quattroporte V (2003-2007)RM15000RM2250
    Maserati Quattroporte V UV(2003-2007)RM20000RM3000
    Maserati Quattroporte VI (2013-2016)RM12000RM1800
    Maserati Quattroporte VI (2017+)RM12000RM1800

    Aston Martin

    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    Aston Martin DB9 (2004-2012)RM20000RM3000
    Aston Martin DB9 (2013-2016)RM25000RM3750
    Aston Martin DB11RM25000RM3750
    Aston Martin Vantage V8RM30000RM4500
    Aston Martin Vantage V12RM30000RM4500
    Aston Martin Vanquish (2001-2007)RM35000RM5250
    Aston Martin Vanquish (2012+)RM30000RM4500
    Aston Martin V12 ZagatoRM25000RM3750
    Aston Martin VirageRM30000RM4500


    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    Tesla Model 3RM10000RM1500
    Tesla Model S P85DRM20000RM3000
    Tesla Model S P90DRM25000RM3750


    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    Ferrari CaliforniaRM25000RM3750

    Rolls Royce

    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    Rolls Royce Ghost (2014)RM25000RM3750
    Rolls Royce Ghost (2016-present)RM25000RM3750
    Rolls Royce PhantomRM25000RM3750


    Car modelCoverage amountPremium
    Bentley Flying SpurRM25000RM3750
    Bentley BentaygaRM30000RM4500

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