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Renewing Roadtax for Old Motorcycle? Here’s What You Should Know

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    Do you have an extra motorcycle at home? However, you may not find the right time to use it outside more frequently… That said, it is no surprise that you may have missed out on the expiration date a long time ago.

    Please acknowledge that you still need to keep the road tax activated despite not using it frequently. Riding a motorcycle without a valid road tax can land you in trouble!

    So, what can you do in this situation? Read on as we share several essential things that you need to do before renewing the roadtax!

    Inspection at Puspakom

    Motorcycle road tax has expired for more than 3 years?

    You have to inspect your motorcycle at Puspakom before you can proceed with road tax renewal.

    Puspakom inspection is essential to guarantee the vehicle’s safety on the road. Examples of the inspection include brake tests and smoke emissions, among others.

    Clear outstanding summons

    Make sure you clear the outstanding summons.

    To your knowledge, your outstanding summons and blacklist records will be reflected in The Road Transport Department (JPJ) and The Royal Malaysia Police (PDRM) database systems. Failure to clear out summons can hinder your road tax renewal process.

    You may refer to our previous article to learn how to check summons online.

    Renew insurance first

    Please take note! You need to activate your insurance first before renewing the road tax.

    You can purchase the most basic policy (third-party policy) to cover an old motorcycle.

    We assure you that insurance renewal for motorcycles is not complicated! Nowadays, there are many platforms available online, including Bjak. Bjak offers a speedy service to renew your road tax and insurance from anywhere you like!

    Renew motorcycle road tax without a grant

    Yes, you can renew the road tax without the grant. However, you need to ensure your insurance is activated.

    There is no problem. So as long as you have renewed the insurance. You do not have to bring the grant to any JPJ branches or post office during renewal. Upon renewal, your information will be updated on the database system.

    In brief, you need to provide your insurance policy to renew your road tax. As simple as ABC!

    Know your motorcycle road tax charge

    The price for motorcycle road tax is fixed anywhere.

    However, the service tax imposed may differ from one another, which will cause your road tax renewal to vary.

    Therefore, you may compare the service tax across companies before renewing to know your road tax price in total.

    As we shared the above points, we are sure that these are a breeze for you! For your convenience, you may renew your road tax and insurance online at Bjak to save your energy and money!

    Bjak is one of Malaysia’s biggest insurance comparison websites, offering policies from over 10 brands. Get your free insurance quote from Bjak today!

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